1 Mar

Friday brought the weekend with it! A good day of work + gazelle was followed by a run at the gym. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill – ran 2 miles, then walked for a total of 2.65 miles and 255 calories. I came home and ate some leftovers with Zach and then watched him play an indoor soccer game with a league of guys. It honestly is not very interesting watching them play on a TINY little space as opposed to a huge field with large goals, but it is still fun to get to see Zach play some soccer every now and then. 🙂

After soccer we went to Steven’s house for a going away party for his fiancĂ©, Sarah. She’s going out to California for a job for a few months. I displayed incredible party control and did not indulge at. all. I had one beer throughout the entire night. I just kept pouring small amounts of it into a tasting glass and it made it feel like I was having a lot more than I did. 🙂 I spent the night avoiding the kitchen and the following assortment: puppy chow, tortilla chips with spinach dip, cheesy bread and pizza. Not just any foods…some of my FAVORITE party foods. It was a little tough honestly but I just kept busy and didn’t eat a bite! We played some card games, beer pong (Zach and I ran the table for quite awhile!) and a really fun game called True American which is like an adult version of Candyland where you are the moving pieces! It was a very fun time and we left by 11:30 so I still got to bed at a reasonable hour too. Success!

Friday Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB, waffle
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – leftover hashbrown casserole, 1 beer

159/1,400 miles. 37/150 running miles.


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