27 Feb

I’m not sure if we’ve had this fish before. If we have, it’s been awhile! Tonight featured…cod! It was actually a dinner made by Zach and a very simple one at that. While I was in spin class he made Prosciutto-wrapped Cod from our “So Easy” cookbook. All he had to do was season the cod with S+P, wrap prosciutto around it and cook in a skillet.


He steamed broccoli for our side that I seasoned with a little Shoups and that created a very easy dinner.


I really liked the prosciutto wrapped around the fish and the flavor was good but this almost needed a sauce…just a little too dry!


I think I would whip up a greek yogurt topping, that would be a good accompaniment. It was still an enjoyable dinner though and so nice to have it ready for me. 🙂

I was not trying to win any awards in spin class, I was TIRED. I still managed to get in 68 minutes (21.1 miles, 456 calories). I also did my morning gazelle. After dinner Zach had soccer and I took the opportunity to totally veg out. The kids had a rough day on Wednesday and I seriously needed a break. That break involved eating a spoon of PB (apparently you take away my evening snacks and I eat peanut butter to compensate! haha), watching 90210 and going to bed at 9:15. It was wonderful. 🙂

Today is ONE WEEK from Colorado! I can’t stand it. I want it to be NOW!! So so so so excited. Come quickly next Thursday!

Wednesday Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – yogurt w/blueberries
  • Lunch – egg white veggie scramble, PB
  • Supper – fish, broccoli, PB

153.5/1,400 miles


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