23 Feb

I attended yoga solo yesterday because Vicki was out of town, but before she left she gave me the perfect gift for a new yogini- a yoga mat! I feel like an official yoga student now. 🙂 My little blue mat took me perfectly through class while we did airplanes and pigeons and several twisting poses that our instructor didn’t say the name of. After the hour long class was up I went to Mom’s to make her take advantage of the beautiful day with me. We got to hit the Greenway for the first time this year!! Unfortunately we realized once we started walking that there was still a lot of snow in either direction except for one quarter mile stretch. So what did we do? We walked back and forth and back and forth in that small stretch who knows how many times?! Haha we still got 30 minutes in (1.65 miles, 174 calories), a good amount of talking, a tiny bit of jogging and the most outdoors we’ve had in months!

Zach was gone for a good chunk of the day so I alternated being productive and cleaning with being lazy and reading. Then when he got home he wanted to take advantage of the outdoors too so we went for a 23 minute walk (1.01 miles, 113 calories) in our neighborhood! I’m afraid we were spoiled because the weather isn’t supposed to be this warm again for a little while…

Zach and I had plans to go to Indy with Mom and Dad for dinner and we were all using these Open Table gift cards we got from Uncle Greg at Christmas. Unfortunately when I went to activate the gift cards I found out that right now they can’t be used in Indiana! Oops. They don’t expire and the lady I called and talked to said that Indianapolis will hopefully be on their list soon so we may be able to use the gift cards someday…just not yet. Instead we used one of our gift cards we had for around here and we all went to Scotty’s for dinner. The majority of their menu is incredibly unhealthy but I got their “Lo-cal Cluck Lite” and a side of fruit for just 330 calories. It was a pretty good sandwich too! It’s a spicy grilled chicken breast on a thin, multi-grain bun.

After dinner we went over to Mom and Dad’s to play Clue and then Double Euchre. It was Colonel Mustard, in the Ballroom, with the Candlestick. How dare he! Then Zach and I got beat, ever so slightly, at cards. It was a good back and forth game though and we had a lot of fun! I also had a glass of wine with raspberries in it while we played. 🙂 Came home to watch more “Platoon” but we still haven’t finished it yet. I just don’t love it at all but we are determined to culture ourselves by watching the top 250 movies of all time and this is on that list…so suck it up I guess.

Saturday Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – strawberries
  • Lunch – PB&J wrap (spread sun butter and jam on a whole wheat tortilla)
  • Supper – fruit, lo-cal cluck lite, some of Zach’s chips
  • Dessert (sort of) – 1 glass wine w/raspberries, a handful of M&M’s

136/1,400 miles.


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