21 Feb

This winter is whack. Yesterday was 50+ and thunder storming. The first day we’ve had over 35 in aaages. Now today is back in the 30’s and snowing like crazy. I’m talking HUGE fluffy flakes. Sigh. It feels as though spring will never get here… I’d just like to see some grass and a day above 40 where I can go outside!!

Yesterday went much better than the day before and now today I finally feel back to normal! Hooray!! I didn’t do my gazelle yesterday but I did go to the gym after work. I was even feeling well enough that I ran the first .5 mile before settling into walking. I was a bit tired after the easy workout though so I knew I still wasn’t 100%. I did 30 minutes, 1.89 miles, 188 calories.

Dinner was a little weird since I was still swinging between hungry/not hungry and not a whole lot sounded good. I finally had some tortilla chips with salsa and melted a little cheese to make “queso”. Then I made banana soft serve (when you blend frozen banana slices to make “ice cream”) and that served as supper!

Today I am reclaiming my appetite and my exercise and we have fun plans with friends for the night ahead. 🙂

Thursday Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – strawberries
  • Lunch – couscous, yogurt w/jam + granola
  • Supper – chips w/salsa + queso, banana soft serve

130/1,400 miles. 28/150 miles.



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