17 Feb

This past weekend was such a fantastic one. One that’s left me pretty tired now that it’s Monday, but was oh-so-worth it! Great food, great drinks, great company and great memories. 🙂 Saturday I was up and headed out the door to yoga with Vicki. We worked on pigeon, locust, half-moon, revolved triangle (which looks so simple but feels SO difficult!) and one other…boat…or something? Back home Zach and I did all the last minute packing and got ready to head out the door. He was picking up some lunch on the road, but I heated up some leftovers to take with me!

A little over 2 hours later and we were down south in Madison, IN at a cute little house with Mom and Dad.




They’d stayed there the night before as well and it was fun to join them and be a part of their Valentine’s weekend too. All we did was unpack, take a few pictures and then headed back out the door with Mom and Dad. We were going to visit Ridge Winery which is right on the Ohio river and it is the most beautiful, scenic drive to get there. We had views of the river most of the way and the snow covered trees + ice covered cliffs made for some pretty pictures.

IMG_1686 IMG_8839

Zach and I had been to Ridge several years ago when he took me on a wine trail for my 23rd birthday. We all did a tasting with the friendly owner.


It definitely is fun to visit when it is warmer and you can spend more time outside, but of course we still took advantage of the views to get some pictures in the freezing cold. 🙂

IMG_8846 IMG_8856 IMG_8860 IMG_8863

This winery has shih tzu puppies! Not as great as if it had cats…but still cute. 😉





After we each had a glass of their best seller- Blackjack (a blackberry/apple combo!), we headed back to our place. We played a few manic rounds of Nerts before getting ready for dinner!

IMG_8874 IMG_8884 IMG_8887

I’d say we’re a decent looking family. 🙂




The winery was so close we could have walked, but not in all that snow! So we drove the 2 seconds over to our dinner. Everyone gets a complimentary glass of sparkling and then 3 glasses of whatever wine you choose.


I chose the Kleineweisse (possibly misspelled…) which was a really crisp white. Very nice! Here was our menu for the evening:




First up was the shrimp ceviche- very normal ceviche, but still good.




Then the vegetable beef soup. This tasted good and had absolutely nothing bad about it, but I wasn’t in LOVE with it, so I only had a little over 1/2. Had to save room for the rest of the meal!


THIS is what I was saving room for! The green beans were good, the potatoes were great, but the beef tenderloin? It was SUBLIME!


The beef was sooo tender and flavorful (and easy to chew which is a huge plus for me!). The crust on it was really nice and the horseradish dipping sauce complemented it all really well. I kept dipping my potatoes in that too. We finished off with really decadent brownies and agreed that every bite of this meal was wonderful!


Eating in the winery was really enjoyable- there were only 6 tables and it was such a charming, intimate environment. The owners were so friendly and we all did a toast together. Really lovely people! The dinner took awhile and when it was over we headed back into our little cottage to change and play games. But had to take a few more pictures first…




Then we played Head’s Up and Dad and I came out on top. 🙂

IMG_9013 IMG_9017

After that was a hilarious game of Balderdash!











I mean seriously. We could NOT stop laughing!


We had such a fun night and of course I ate more than I usually would and enjoyed every single bite!

Saturday Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB
  • Lunch – leftover chicken with gravy (the very last of it!), wine tasting, 1 glass wine
  • Supper – ceviche, 1/2 soup, beef tenderloin, potatoes + green beans, brownie, 1 glass champagne, 3 glasses wine
  • Snacks- chips, 3 pizza sticks, 2 cookies, 1/2 glass wine (I was pretty over it at this point, that’s more wine than I drank the whole month of January!!)

Sunday morning breakfast was sitting all night long. Mom made some kind of smoky link/egg casserole in the crockpot and we ate that along with fruit from the fruit tray I brought! Then we packed up and left our vineyard getaway.

IMG_9043 IMG_9044


We followed Mom and Dad all the way home, including stopping for lunch at a Steak N Shake. Upon arriving home I ran in, changed into workout clothes and ran right back out. I knew I would never drag myself to the gym otherwise. 🙂 I walked for 45 minutes on the treadmill for 2.34 miles (245 calories). It was an easy workout, but still better than nothing! I went home and planned out a menu for the week and Zach was gone for the evening. I took some of my red velvet oreo brownies to Mom and Dad’s to share and then came home and vegged out with Netflix and leftovers. Went to bed early and wouldn’t you know? It’s Monday already! Looking forward to a good week and only 17 more days until my Colorado trip with Kori!!! What? You didn’t know I was going to Colorado? More on that later… 😉

Sunday Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – fruit, small piece of casserole
  • Lunch – fries w/cheese, half a chicken sandwich
  • Supper – leftover mac and cheese (the last of those leftovers! Make that again sometime!!), small brownie + 3 cookies

It’s going to be a little dangerous having delicious brownies, Concannon’s sugar cookies, chocolate covered strawberries all around the house right now…not to mention I still haven’t eaten those Cadbury eggs!! Yikes! 🙂

124/1,400 miles.


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