14 Feb

My husband has always called this “valentimes” day which is one of those things that would probably annoy other people but I find adorably endearing. 🙂 This morning I woke up and went out in my classroom to discover a wonderful surprise!!


A big helium “I love you” balloon and a huge red bag! The red paper sticking out of the top said open first, so I did.

IMG_8781 IMG_8783

Zach had made me a ginormous heart card and wrote all over it! He writes me the sweetest things. He even made some word puzzles for me complete with clues. 🙂 So creative! Also so difficult…I still haven’t solved them. haha. What was in the bag?


A bottle of champagne, a bottle of wine from Tonne, 2 roses (the white represents me, the red him he said), a heart shaped box of chocolate covered strawberries, a box of white chocolate sugar cookies from Concannon’s (to take this weekend), and perhaps the cutest part- a hand painted champagne glass! 🙂


It says Jordan’s Champagne and on the bottom it says Vday 2014. How cute! I am going to be SO busy today with the kid’s party, lots of baking at nap time and getting everything ready for my surprise tonight and our trip tomorrow, but those are good kinds of busy! So excited for the rest of this weekend!!!

Yesterday: 30 minutes on the gazelle + 30 minutes on the treadmill. I ran 2 miles and then walked the rest for 2.94 miles and 227 calories.

Dinner was both easy and healthy, not to mention good! It was Spaghetti Squash with Edamame Cilantro Pesto from Cooking Light’s “Way to Cook Vegetarian”. I followed this recipe to a T and it turned out great! I made the pesto at nap-time…



Then I put the spaghetti squash in the oven to roast for an hour while I went to the gym.



Got home and it was ready!



After it cools a little you fork out the meat and it magically turns into spaghetti!


So cool huh?! We topped it with the edamame pesto and a little grated parmesan and ate up!



This tasted- good, fresh and filling! That’s what I love about spaghetti squash, it is so low calorie, so good for you and fills you up quickly.



Thursday’s food journal:

  • Breakfast – PB banana oatmeal in a jar! (The last of my PB jar)IMG_8766IMG_8767
  • Lunch – peach, small piece of leftover fried chicken with gravy
  • Supper – spaghetti squash with pesto

Happy “Valentimes” Day Friends!!! 🙂

118.5/1,400 miles. 26.5/150 miles.




  1. Carolyn Hutson February 16, 2014 at 11:05 pm #

    Too funny that he calls it “Valentimes” because that’s exactly what my husband says! And I find it too be adorable as well!

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