13 Feb

I’m getting so excited for this weekend!! This week has been so much fun finding surprises and yesterday I found this one containing my ALL TIME favorite candy:


Cadbury Eggs!! It’s true willpower that I didn’t eat them on the spot! But I said no snacks and I mean no snacks! I am saving them for this weekend. 🙂 My surprise for Friday is coming along quite nicely and I think Zach will LOVE it. Then of course I am looking forward to yoga on Saturday and then Zach and I are staying at Madison Winery’s bed and breakfast with Mom and Dad! Uncle Greg gave Mom a weekend package for her birthday and she and Dad are leaving tomorrow for the little cottage. Then Saturday Zach and I will join them, do some exploring, visit the winery and then have a Valentine’s dinner with wine pairings put on by the winery! Should be a lot of fun!!

Yesterday I did gazelle + 63 minutes of spin (22.4 miles, 460 calories). For the amount of time I was in spin I pushed HARD! In fact the whole day was very active and I burned almost 2,600 calories- pretty high for a normal day!

Wednesday food journal:

  • Breakfast – greek yogurt with strawberries and granolaIMG_8763IMG_8764
  • Lunch – egg white scramble with veggies
  • Supper – leftover mac and cheese (Sad to say it didn’t reheat quite as good as it tasted on Monday. Don’t get me wrong, it was still good, just not out of this world good!)

This food journal thing is going great! A useful tool for sure. It’s almost the weekend…

114.5 miles.


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