12 Feb

Exercise yesterday- gazelle and “indoor jogging” aka running in place while I watch Netflix at nap-time. Hey, don’t laugh- I did a half mile and burned way more calories then if I were just sitting! 🙂 Though I won’t ever count indoor jogging toward running miles.

No pictures! Just a quick food journal for yesterday!

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB, slice of Ezekiel toast w/jam
  • Lunch – leftover pesto potato and green beans + a runny egg (I cooked the egg and put it on top and mixed them all together, so good. If you like runny eggs that is…)
  • Supper – chili, grilled cheese

Mom made dinner for us last night. Our schedule was a little weird because we had to go to our church to get pictures taken for the directory. So after work we went to Mom’s and Zach ate but I didn’t. Then we got our not-so-great pictures taken and they tried to convince us to buy them. No thanks! Then Zach had to head to coach indoor soccer and I went back to Mom and Dad’s. This time I ate while catching up on the Bachelor. Mom made grilled cheese that had mustard, relish and a cut up hot dog on it. A tasty take on a classic! Things were a little sad at their house though. Mom and Dad had to put their cat Sammy to sleep yesterday. 😦 I picked him out at a shelter in (I believe) 5th grade and he had lived a good, long 15 years. He’d been sick and going downhill fast and yesterday started having serious problems and they had to take him in. Poor Sam Sam. It’s always hard to lose a pet.

On the other hand there is nothing but exciting things to look forward to the rest of this week! I’m having fun finding my Valentine surprises, I can’t wait for Friday and we have a really fun V-day getaway with Mom and Dad this weekend!! Looking forward to spin class tonight and eating leftover macaroni. Yum…

106 miles.



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