5 Feb

Yesterday was a rouuuuugh day of work. The kids were fully wired up and LOUD and I felt like I was breaking up fights every 2 seconds. It didn’t help that I was super tired for some reason. I did get my gazelle time in but that was the only formal exercise of the day. My day got immensely better when I got off work, went back to the bedroom to shower and found this:


All because I was not having the best day. 🙂 Flowers, a sweet note and a bottle of bubbly. Which obviously de-railed my “no drinks til V-day” haha! Zach shared it with me though. 🙂 My day was also made better by having dinner at Mom and Dad’s. I didn’t snap a picture but we had a great Chinese feast! Egg rolls, egg drop soup, fried rice and chinese lemon chicken. Not a bad bite there. I caught up on the Bachelor and Zach and I played another game of Head’s Up with my parents. When we headed home it had already started snowing a lot and by this morning we had gotten a good 8+ inches! This resulted in my having a total of 3 kids today. I will never complain about having an easier day of work!!

So. I have been getting really close recently to some goals of mine. This is both good and bad. Good because, well obviously, I’m getting close to something I want! Bad because whenever I start getting close to a goal I start to slack off, slow down, etc. I don’t want to do that so I always look for different sources of motivation and I think I’ve got one. I am not going to start blogging every meal again (or photographing every meal) but I AM going to journal them on here. I already keep a private food journal, but starting tomorrow I am going to log each meal/drink/snack/dessert. The reason? Mostly for accountability. It should surely help me be more conscientious about what I am putting in my body if I have to post it on here for the world. After all, that was the purpose of starting this blog almost 2 years ago! I don’t know exactly how I will go about it but I will most likely just tack on a little list at the end of each post. We’ll see!

87/1,400 miles.


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