4 Feb

I am TIRED today. Already looking forward to going to bed early tonight which is unfortunate because I was supposed to watch the Biggest Loser finale tonight with Mom, but it doesn’t even start until 9 and it goes til 11!! Sorry, NBC, too late for this girl.

Yesterday I did the gazelle and had a great 45 minutes of TRX after work. We did this one killer circuit that had 5 different things- +1 burpees (you add one each round), tricep roll outs- 8, jumping skaters – 8 per leg, feet in stirrup knee down abs – 8 (killer!) and feet in stirrup mountain climbers- 8 per leg. We had to do 5 rounds as fast as possible. I was the first one done and my instructor said that the fastest time for this circuit in her last class was 14:35. I finished in 11 flat. I was pretty stoked to hear that! It’s nice to feel athletic. 🙂

I got home and quickly ate dinner while people were arriving for Bible study. Dinner had been waiting in the crockpot and I realllly liked this one. It’s Seafood Chowder from “Best of Country: Slow Cooker Recipes”. Earlier in the day I chopped up potatoes, onion and celery (omitted the carrots) and mixed them in the crockpot with almond milk (as opposed to regular), cream of mushroom and cream of potato.


This sat all day and while I was at TRX Zach added in a can of chopped clams (first time using these!), a can of medium shrimp and some cut up imitation crab.


I loved this! I will definitely make this again and I am so happy with the large bowl of leftovers in my refrigerator. 🙂 It very happily reminded me of our east coast vacation.


We had a good Bible study and then cozied up with a Concannon’s snack and Breaking Bad before bed. Why is it only Tuesday?

85.5/1,400 miles.


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