3 Feb

What an absolutely fun weekend!! Friday was just the kickoff! Saturday after a full day of cleaning and menu planning it was time to have fun. We had a big group of friends over for game night. The group was me and Zach, Hillary and Ross, Alysha, Brooke and Everett, Steven and Sarah and their friend’s Steph and Jared.

IMG_8556 IMG_8564

We kicked off the night with card games but the real fun started when we discovered the AMAZING game Head’s Up!!

IMG_8593 IMG_8594 IMG_8605

It’s a phone app where you hold the phone up to your head with a word on it that you can’t see. Your teammates act out the word to get you to guess it. When you get it right you tilt the phone down and a new word pops up, it you can’t get it you tilt the phone up and it passes, you continue until the end of the round. It is fun and HILARIOUS! Oh man we were all rolling.


We played random teams and then did boys vs. girls. There are other categories that involve talking but since our groups were so large we skipped those. We did do animals though and you both act like the animal and make animal sounds…

IMG_8620 IMG_8653 IMG_8635 IMG_8640 IMG_8646

Funniest game ever. I am smiling just typing about it because it was so fun! Oodles of Doodles came next and tested our drawing abilities. After that we moved on to Twister. Another crowd pleaser. 🙂

IMG_8661 IMG_8665

I took some serious bumps and bruises during that game! The next game left us all pretty banged up as well and it was one I hadn’t played in years – Spoons! Everyone stayed until close to 2am and it was a completely successful game night. I worked on a bottle of champagne throughout the night and that was my only drink. Nothing too strong or caloric for this girl!

Sunday morning I taught with Mom at church and then Zach and I enjoyed a nice little Sunday nap. You won’t be surprised at what we did Sunday afternoon…

IMG_8682 IMG_8689 IMG_8697

Headed over to Mom and Dad’s to teach them our new favorite game of course!! They got right in the spirit and we had a lot of fun. 🙂 Sunday night was spent having a super bowl party. We went with Steven and Sarah to their friend’s house and met some nice people. They had a taco bar set up for as as well as chips with dip and a couple desserts. It was a nice spread and I ate my fill! No drinks though, I’m back on a drink restriction until Valentine’s Day! That’s just how I do things. 🙂 We enjoyed the food and the company and the host’s BRAND NEW black lab puppy but we didn’t enjoy the game. Poor Peyton. 😦 The commercials weren’t that great either sadly. But the half-time show was good! Zach and I left mid-4th quarter and came home to crash.

Now it’s half-way through Monday and I have dinner in the crockpot for tonight and am very excited for both TRX and Bible study! Both things make Mondays so much more enjoyable. 🙂


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