30 Jan

I don’t know how, but I forgot to check my mileage at the end of spin class last night! I am so disappointed because I felt like I did REALLY well. I was thinking I may even hit 27 miles! Since I didn’t check though I am going to round down to 24 because I know I did at least that. It was a great class and I burned 432 calories in 71 minutes. Love it! Also did my gazelle in the morning. What will I do if that thing ever breaks down on me??

When I got back home it was easy to finish dinner since I’d done all the prep at nap-time. I was making Mushroom Tortelloni in Curry Cream which I have made before. Just like last time I made the recipe exactly how it called for except used plain cheese tortelloni since I could find no mushroom! Check out my awesome, fresh pasta we got from Whole Foods:


I don’t know if you can tell but it says this is “From farm to fork with a conscience” and it’s a “traditional pasta made in small batches by master pasta maker Peter Robertson in Madison, WI. Fresh, authentic and never pre-cooked.” Now THERE is something you can feel good about eating. 🙂


Just like last time this soup was spicy and delicious!


The cheese tortelloni were especially good. 🙂



This is one of those dishes that I am VERY pleased to have leftovers of (though not much because once again Zach ate two huge servings ;)). Now I’ve got TWO great leftovers to work on in the fridge- this and the garden quiche. Although Zach is also going through that quickly since he is eating huge pieces for breakfast every morning!

I’ll leave you with a smile- Pirate Jack loves his daddy!



🙂 We are being fed by Mom tonight- always a nice break from cooking in the week!

73.5/1,400 miles.


One Response to “A SPICY FAVORITE”

  1. Ani January 30, 2014 at 9:56 am #

    Last year was my first time doing spin classes and I really enjoy them! I go once a week and it is a great alternative to running everyday haha

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