29 Jan

This week has been freezing. We are seriously breaking some records, or cutting them close, for cold temps and snowfall this year here in Muncie, IN. It was so cold on Monday that Bible study got cancelled! That didn’t stop me from getting to the gym for TRX though. It was just me and one other girl and we FLEW through the 3 circuits. We didn’t take any of the breaks so a normally 45 minute class took just 35 minutes! I couldn’t leave the gym right away because Zach was picking me up at a specific time. I hopped in my car after work to go to TRX and nothing. Dead battery. Told you it’s been cold! So Zach was kind enough to come get me and shuttle me to the gym for class. Since I was waiting on him I walked 10 minutes on the treadmill at an incline (.51 miles and 40 calories). We ate leftovers for dinner and stayed bundled up inside for the rest of the night!

Yesterday I did my morning gazelle (did that Monday too) but that was the only formal workout for the day. My muscles (specifically triceps, shoulders, lats, obliques and quads) were soooo sore and I could feel my body begging for a rest day. I did do a little of my “indoor jogging” during nap-time and after work but that was it!

Last night’s dinner was pretty time consuming. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) it was AWESOME!!! Fortunately because it was sooo good to eat; unfortunately because I am going to have to make it again and it really does take a lot of prep work!

IMG_8514 IMG_8516


IMG_8518 IMG_8523

I rely on my food scale for SO much.


The recipe was Crustless Garden Quiche from “Way to Cook Vegetarian” and par for the course with this cookbook was the excellent product. Please look that up and make it. It takes time yes, but is SO GOOD, SO HEALTHY and unless you are cooking for a family of 6, you will have plenty of leftovers!

IMG_8524 IMG_8525 IMG_8526


I put tomatoes on half because while Zach has come soooo far in his tomato eating he doesn’t generally want to just eat a whole slice. Guess I should have done the whole thing because when he went back for seconds he got a tomato piece!

IMG_8528 IMG_8530

I, on the other hand, was perfectly happy with my one piece. Look how much is packed in there!

IMG_8531 IMG_8532


Yummm. I already can’t wait for the leftovers! It was very breakfast-y so I think it may make an appearance for that meal sometime this week. Still very sore today, mostly in the arms and shoulders now, but looking forward to spinning tonight!

64/1,400 miles.

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