26 Jan

What a stellar weekend it has been so far!! Both on the workout front and in the having fun department. It began Friday with my half day of work. I headed to the gym for a GREAT 3 mile run that I finished in 29:16 (27 seconds off the last time!) and then walked for a total of 33 minutes, 293 calories. When I got home I showered, got ready and made a menu for the week and Zach and I headed to Indy.

First stop was for dinner at a pizza place that we’ve been wanting to try; yet another “Indy Monthly” place. It has the most unusual time- Puccini’s Smiling Teeth. Zach and I had a good laugh over trying to figure out just what that meant exactly… We ordered a medium pizza and got it half and half. Half campfire (their signature pie)/Half twice baked.


The campfire half was smoked sausage, sweet onion marmalade, gorgonzola and fresh rosemary. The twice baked half was new potatoes, bacon, green onions, smoked gouda and Puccini’s buttermilk herb dressing. I had one slice of each and they were both AWESOME. Zach liked the campfire side just a little more and I liked the twice baked side slightly more but we agreed that both halves were fantastic. The place doesn’t look like much but their pizza delivers! We had a beautiful sunset when leaving…


After dinner we hit up Whole Foods! Yay! I always get excited to have a shopping trip there. 🙂 We had a lot on our grocery list but the bill wasn’t too high because I realized that I didn’t purchase a single meat item! Completely on accident I made an entire vegetarian menu for the whole week. Good thing Zach and I like our vegetables and enjoy meatless meals. 🙂 I also picked up a few new fun items to try. One of which I’d been wanting to purchase forever and I am so glad I did (more on that momentarily).

When we got home we settled in with “The Hunt for Red October” and I made a snack with one of my new purchases- Simply Pop. These are individual sized bags of popcorn for 100 calories each and are pretty tasty. I think I prefer to pop my own in the microwave though so I doubt I’d buy these again but it was fun to have it all ready right out of the bag. I lightly sprayed the popcorn with cooking spray and sprinkled cinnamon sugar on it for a tasty, guilt-free treat!

Saturday morning I was supposed to have to attend my annual CPR and first aid certification class (a daycare requirement) but due to weather it was canceled. It has been a crazy winter so far! I was a little disappointed because I don’t exactly enjoy this day every year and I was looking forward to getting it over with but I WAS happy that I got to go to yoga. Vicki used to go to yoga and so she decided to join me. Before yoga I quickly ate a banana slathered with my new favorite Whole Foods purchase- sun butter!! It’s like peanut butter but it is made from sunflower seeds and it is so. good. I will probably fly through my jar… We had a good hour long class with lots of sun salutations. The poses that we worked on this week were eagle (I was definitely better than the last time I attempted that 2 weeks ago!), boat (a great core pose), airplane and camel. We always do bridge (or wheel if you can execute it) at the end of class but I didn’t attempt wheel this week because I know I’m still not great at it. Going to keep working on it at home and hopefully by my next yoga class I will be able to do it! I won’t be at yoga for 2 weeks since CPR got moved to this coming Saturday. Vicki really enjoyed it and I think she’ll be coming back!

When I got home Zach and I were ecstatic because we had literally the entire day/night ahead of us with not a single obligation or plan. We had so much fun! We watched Netflix shows, played Nerts, went to the hot tub in the middle of the day and read, played board games, took pictures of Pirate Jack


watched more shows, played an indoor ball game that we invented :), made dinner together….


We fixed Spaghetti with Roasted Red Peppers and Goat Cheese torn out of “Fitness” magazine. Zach helped me with every step. 🙂 He’s such a good little kitchen helper.


This was supposed to have walnuts but that isn’t really either of our thing so we skipped that ingredient. Other than that we made it exactly as it said and it turned out GREAT!

IMG_8478 IMG_8480

A scrumptious AND healthy pasta dish. We both added some extra red pepper flakes to our bowls since we love the heat and we ate this in our blanket fort we made. 🙂 After dinner, guess what? We were bored. Haha! We had done everything we could think of (that didn’t involve spending a bunch of money) and it was only 6pm. We definitely aren’t used to having that much time on our hands! So we headed over to Mom and Dad’s and played Bananagrams and then double euchre. We did not do so hot at cards this time but we had a lot of fun! Especially taking some pictures in our new Colts “huddlers” (aka snuggles) from Ron and Vicki!

IMG_8485 IMG_8504 IMG_8503 IMG_8501 IMG_8498 IMG_8496 IMG_8486

I have more exciting running information to post from today but this post is getting long so I’ll save that for tomorrow. 🙂

56/1,400 miles. 10.5/150 running miles.


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