23 Jan

Finally got a home-cooked meal in again last night! It was Broccoli Shrimp Scampi from “Now Eat This”, my cookbook that takes unhealthy favorites and “healthifies” them up. According to the recipe shrimp scampi is normally 1,500 calories a serving with 100g of fat (mostly due to the LOADS of butter) and this recipe was 225 calories with just 8.8g of fat. During nap-time I did prep work- cutting up broccoli and tons of garlic cloves.


I went to spin class after work and got 68 minutes in (22.8 miles and 396 calories). I also did the gazelle in the morning of course. When I got home I drizzled olive oil over the broccoli and seasoned with S+P and stuck it in the oven.


Shrimp were seasoned too then scattered over the (now tender) broccoli and put under the broiler. While that cooked I sautéed all the garlic in oil and combined cornstarch with lemon juice and chicken broth. Stirred that into the garlic and whisked until thickened to make a sauce. Sauce was poured over the shrimp and broccoli and dinner was served!


It wasn’t my absolute favorite dish, I probably didn’t love it enough to make it again, but it was still good and with a nutritional profile like that you will hear no complaining here!


(By the way, that super cute dish came from Zach at Christmas. :)) We watched more Breaking Bad for the rest of the evening. It is getting super intense!!

49/1,400 miles.


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