20 Jan

If much further down the road (when I’ve forgotten what I am about to say) I think it seems like fun or a good idea to spend the day roller-skating, please remind me that I DON’T LIKE IT! Me, the girl who really can truly claim to like almost everything (especially if it’s athletic) does not care for roller skating. Here’s why…it scares me! Yes, I will be honest and admit that skating around on 4 wheels per foot is terrifying. I love to ski, I enjoy roller-blading, iceskating, I’ll climb something super steep no problem, heck, I even went skydiving and yet I was a tense mess on the roller rink.

Saturday afternoon after straightening the house Zach and I headed to Muncie’s only roller skating rink to skate with our friends Steven and Sarah. I’d not been skating in YEARS and I thought it would be fun. Wrong. There is something about those wobbly 4 wheels per foot (I’d much rather an in-line skate) and the slick rink that you just continually circle around like a hamster in a wheel that just does not do it for me. I was so tense that my lower back was killing me just 15 minutes in. I also managed to fall and wipe out a 9 year old who gave me a particularly nasty look. Embarrassing. I did manage to relax a bit and have a teeny bit of fun. My husband is ever the gentleman and patiently skated around with me holding my hand (aka holding me up from falling) and pulling me around curves (since I hate turning) and just all around being sweet and helpful.


I have to admit that I was shocked. I would not claim to be great at everything, but I am at least decently good at most things in this genre. I could not believe how truly terrible I was! Haha! At least I am already able to laugh about it. 🙂 I survived and I DID get in a great hour and half workout. 😉


After skating Zach and I had date night and that was MUCH more fun. We hit the theater for an afternoon showing of “Lone Survivor”- a movie we’d been dying to see. Warning- this movie depicts graphic deaths and injuries and is incredibly sad. That being said, it was incredible!! It’s a true story about a military operation gone wrong and only one man survives (no, that’s not a spoiler, read the movie title). Normally classified operations are never revealed to the public but when this man returned to the states there was so much speculation surrounding what happened out there and how he survived that the military allowed him to release his story and now it’s a movie. It was so, so good. Definitely worth watching!

Dinner came after the movie at Barn Brasserie! We got 2 gift cards for this place for Christmas and used one of them last night. They are getting better and better with their food I do believe. We got the poutine to share first.


Poutine is a Canadian dish of fries + gravy + cheese curds and I have always wanted to try it. I’ve seen it on different menus occasionally but have never ordered it (can’t believe that I didn’t in Canada!) and last night was the night. We LOVED it. We totally devoured this dish. 🙂 For supper Zach got maple-bacon brussels and a black and bleu chicken burger and let me try bites of both of course. Not a bad things to say- especially that chicken burger!! I went lighter and just ordered their roasted root vegetable bisque.

<this is where the picture would be if I had remembered to take a picture of it!!!>

This was super tasty also and I boxed (or should I say “cupped”) half of it up; I was definitely full enough from the poutine! Always working on paying attention to my body’s cues. 🙂 So great to enjoy what I want and not feel like I won’t fit in my jeans the next day!! Needless to say, dinner was a hit. We ended our date night by getting in the hot tub at Mom and Dad’s and then coming home for some reading and snuggles.

Since we had went to bed fairly early for a Saturday we were up earlier than usual Sunday morning. Zach got to work shoveling the driveway (it won’t stop snowing here! We’ve already surpassed our annual average by double!!) and I cleaned up the house and had an apple with PB. Then church, shopping and leftovers for lunch (I had some of the peaches and pork with brown rice).

As soon as lunch was finished I hit up the gym for some treadmill time (I so badly want to be able to run outside, if only the snow would melt off our sidewalks!). I did 45 minutes like this – ran 1 mile at a normal pace, walked awhile, ran .5 mile as fast as possible (that was tough!) and then walked the rest for a total of 3.23 miles and  calories. Zach was gone doing various things the whole afternoon so I lounged around before going out to dinner with Mom, Dad and Grandma at Ruby Tuesday’s for Grandma’s birthday. As usual I went in with a plan and ordered their spaghetti squash marinara. It was a huge pasta-like dish minus the pasta! Just spaghetti squash, marinara and steamed zucchini. Only 270 calories and it was excellent!! I boxed half of it up and can’t wait to eat the leftovers.

The evening ended with a beautiful sunset-



and beating Mom in Nerts. 🙂 Another week full steam ahead!

36.5/1,400 miles. 7.5/150 running miles.


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