16 Jan

It’s Thursday and (finger’s crossed!) I think I can finally say I’ve exited the sick zone. Tuesday was a bit miserable, definitely worse than Monday was. I did do my 30 minutes on the gazelle but that is the only formal exercise I got that day. Between a small class, eating leftovers and going to bed early I kept it low-key.

Yesterday, while not quite 100%, I felt world’s better! I did my gazelle time and then had my first spin class in a month!! The last time I got to go to spin was the Wednesday before Christmas and then Christmas was on a Weds. (gym closed), New Year’s Day was on a Weds. (gym closed) and then last week I was being lazy. When it’s only once a week like that time flies! It was great to be back. 🙂 I was in there for 65 minutes, 21 miles and 418 calories. 

So a little spin class side note- I have some new muscles on my shoulders!! I sit in the front row right in front of the mirrors in spin. Last night I was noticing something was different about my shoulders. They looked pointier or bonier…I wasn’t sure but something was off. Then while I was standing up and biking I noticed that every time I shifted forward there was a depression that would appear right below the shoulder! I wanted to be like “Whoa! Everyone look! Look at my shoulder and see that slight dent? That’s new!!!!” but of course I didn’t and settled for grinning in the mirror at myself like an idiot. 🙂 Get strong!

Dinner was a two-part endeavor last night. First, my part- Chopping mushrooms and onions


Peeling potatoes then boiling them


Mashing said potatoes. 


Draining frozen, chopped spinach and setting out all the measuring equipment, spices and everything needed for dinner. Then I went to the gym and Zach took over! He browned lean ground beef, then sautéed spinach, onions, mushrooms and garlic.


Mixed the mashed up potatoes with greek yogurt and unsweetened almond milk. Stirred those in with the ground beef and spinach mixture then put it all in a casserole dish. Topped with cheese.


Found these on my camera, he’s so adorable!!

IMG_8428 IMG_8430


Baked in the oven and it was ready when I came in from the gym!


The food got staged on my “lemon tree table”.


We served it over a large lettuce leaf to add some crunch and more greens.


Unfortunately this was just all right. The flavor was bland (despite Zach adding S+P and a little cayenne). We did add a bit of hot sauce to it and that helped boost the flavor but this isn’t a dish I’d make again.


Ate least we know we were eating nutritious, whole food!



Looking forward to my nap-time Insanity workout today, time to re-incorporate that again! Get stronger!


27/1,400 miles.


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