11 Jan

Holy sore muscles! Tried something new and out of my comfort zone this morning but I want to make it it’s own post so I think I’ll save that for tomorrow. 🙂

For now I want to tack on the past two days of exercise. Thursday I did my 30 minutes on the gazelle and had a crazy day of daycare with allll the kids finally being back. After work was treadmill time for 33 minutes. I ran 1.5 miles and then walked the rest at an incline for 2.62 miles and 225 calories. Didn’t have to worry about dinner Thursday night because Mom fed us! We had delicious potatoes with red peppers, maple glazed pork chops and Italian bread with garlic oil. Always nice to be fed. 🙂 I taught Mom and Dad Phase 10 while Zach pretended to be the cable guy and hooked up their new modem. Then we all played the game and Zach won. Again. How come he always wins games?

Friday sounds like a bit of a repeat- 30 minutes gazelle, busy day of work, treadmill at the gym. This time I did 30 minutes, ran 1 mile, then did the rest at an incline for 198 calories and 1.8 miles. I was feeling a bit worn out! Zach was busy brewing with the guys yesterday evening so Mom and Dad took me out to dinner. 🙂 Fed by them (sort of) two nights in a row! We went to Olive Garden where I used my nutritional knowledge to be totally smart. I ordered a soup (170 calories, and I chose the one with the lowest sodium) and then got a LUNCH portion of the WHOLE WHEAT linguine with MARINARA sauce and BOXED half of it up. (The pasta was 310 calories total so I ate approx. 160 cal. of it.) See what I did there with the key words? 😉 That’s how you enjoy a dinner out without ingesting a days worth of calories! That also left room for enjoying a little popcorn later while I read “Divergent” (which is SOO GOOD!). Before I went home though I played Yahtzee with Mom and Dad and got in the hot tub with Mom. When Zach got home we hung out and didn’t stay up too late- an excellent Friday. 🙂

Since I don’t have any pictures of the past two days I thought I’d share some other meals with you again! Yesterday’s breakfast and yesterday’s lunch to be exact. For some reason I am just feeling the urge to take some pictures of good meals that I eat regularly and show them to you!



Breakfast was one that I make almost every week- homemade pancakes! I use a buckwheat flour mix from the Amish store and mix it with unsweetened almond milk, egg whites and a little pure vanilla. While they cook I add cinnamon and ground flaxseed and then make them all original. One I added blueberries to, the one on the left (that looks burnt, it’s not!) had a sprinkling of chopped semi-sweet chocolate and then the one on the right I cooked plain and topped with half regular PB and half Dark-Chocolate Dreams. Served with a TBS of pure maple syrup. The pancakes are not as large as they may appear, each one is about fist size! These are one of those things that tastes like a decadent treat but is also healthy and good fuel for your morning!

Lunch was one that I make at least twice a week if not more- a veggie, egg white scramble!



I used to be an omelette girl, now for some reason I prefer scrambles. The base of egg whites + pepper + green pepper is always the same and then different things get added in each time depending on what I have on hand.



Yesterday it was mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado and a small bit of shredded pepperjack cheese. Again a fantastic meal that is full of good-for-you foods! I’m not going to start taking pictures of all my meals again but sometimes I might just feel like sharing. 🙂

This morning I was coughing a little bit more than yesterday (I am afraid I am coming down with something…) but I still pushed through not one but TWO workouts! And I can’t wait to tell you about one of them. 🙂

14/1,400 miles. 4/150 running miles.


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