8 Jan

Tuesday was another easy day of work, just had the same 2 brothers again and that was it! I did 35 minutes on the gazelle but didn’t get a gym workout since the Y was still closed. I got off work a little early and Zach and I read and played Phase 10 before we were ready to eat.

Guess what? I’m cooking again!!! Although I must say that last night’s dinner had a lot of help from my two best kitchen helpers- my husband and my crockpot. 🙂


We made Slow Cooker Chicken Dinner from “Best of Country Slow Cooker Recipes” for an easy meal. After not needing to make dinner for literally weeks (at least it seems) I wanted to start back off with something that didn’t take too much time and this sure didn’t! We just chopped stuff up and threw it in the crockpot to let it sit all day. Here’s what it was full of:

  • cubed red potatoes
  • green pepper chunks (it called for carrots but we’re not huge fans of cooked carrots)
  • chicken breasts
  • a can of cream of mushroom + cream of chicken
  • garlic salt

That’s it! It said to add potato flakes at the end if you wanted to thicken it, but we opted not to put those in and left it more like a very chunky stew instead.


This new bowl was a Christmas present from Zach!


Only wish I had had better light to take pictures of it. Had to use my flash since it was already so dark outside.


Here’s our winter wonderland:


Zach and I both enjoyed our dinners (he got a huge bowl of seconds) and best of all it made lots so now…leftovers! We ate while watching “Blood Diamond”. I wasn’t lying when I said I was on a huge war/drama movie kick! War and fantasy are my favorite movie genres and currently war is dominating. I know a lot of these movies are sad/serious/heavy but I enjoy them for that aspect really. They are movies that make me feel both uneducated and like I am getting smarter all at the same time. I’ve always been fascinated with history and these movies are only making me do more research and store up knowledge- pretty cool really! If you could see my recent Google history it would show things like: Hutus and Tutsis, Rwandan genocide, holocaust camps, Vietnam, diamond smuggling…etc. Cheerful, I know. But important all the same!! History matters because it’s hard to move forward and make progress without knowing where we’ve come from and what mistakes have been made in the past.

Anyway, I digress. The gym is reopened today and I have another dinner for tonight!

5.5/1,400 miles.


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