7 Jan

Okay- enough of this “playing catchup” stuff. I’ve got to smush the rest of the past few days in so that I can get back to blogging in real time! Especially since I am FINALLY cooking meals again and need to post about them. 🙂 It really feels as though it’s been ages since I’ve made a home-cooked dinner; tonight’s will be the first time this YEAR. (That sounds crazy, doesn’t it? :))

Here we go, I’m going to sum up all the days I’ve yet to post about-

Thursday: Back to work with a full load of kids, lazy in the workout department (aka- nothing), we used a gift card and ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Hillary, watched the Pianist (excellent!!), early to bed.

Friday: 30 minutes on the gazelle, busy workday with everyone back, Savages for dinner with Zach + card playing, started Hotel Rwanda (on a war movie kick lately- watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas a few days before, so good and sad), bed

Saturday: Hillary picked me up for the gym, ran 1.5 miles then walked on treadmill for a total of 36 minutes (238 calories, 2.72 miles), then did strength moves- triangle pushups, 20 kettle bell swings with a 20lb kettle bell, 12 lb. core ball crunches, went to a baby shower with Mom for someone in our church, played games with Mom + hot tub + wine while boys watched Colts game, watched the end of the Colts game!!! (GOOO COLTS! What a comeback!), all 4 of us went to Puerta, home to watch more Hotel Rwanda

Sunday: Taught at church, blizzard of 2014 started coming in (aka Snowpocalypse 2014), we ran around and picked up new games + movies+ food then spent the whole day having a blast!, we played Flippin’ Out, then played Phase 10, finished Hotel Rwanda, watched We Were Soldiers (told you, war kick), ate cheesecake from Concannons and Stouffer’s mac and cheese (real healthy day let me tell you ;)), played outside in the BEAUTIFUL snow (snow day pictures to come), stayed up late since I was only having one family come the next day for daycare and not until 8:30!

Monday: Woke up to well over a foot of snow + temperatures in the negatives – the lowest it’s been in decades!, only had 2 brothers all day and they left early, put alllll of Christmas away, went to Mom and Dad’s after work to play some of our new games, Mom fixed us dinner, home for reading and an early bedtime.

Whew! And that’s that! A few other things- haven’t been getting a lot of workouts in or eating the best since NYE (post holiday slump) but finally getting back into my routine today and changing that around! As of Sunday I declared no alcohol for the rest of January as a bonus to help push back into a very healthy, exercise-filled day-to-day.

It’s also time to set some new goals!! Since I hit over 1,200 miles of cardio in 2013 I am creating a new goal of 1,400 miles for 2014. That will be a whole 200 more miles but I think I can do it since I plan to be even more active. I am excited for the challenge! My running miles need to be taken down a bit since I didn’t even hit 100 in 2013. I do think I can do more than that this year (especially with some of my new distances I have reached!) so I am setting a goal of 150 running miles in 2014.

Time to start my mileage over again 🙂

4/1,400 miles. 1.5/150 running miles.


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