6 Jan

Snowpocalypse 2014 is going on outside right now!! I don’t know about where you live but the past 24 hours has been craaaazy here! It started snowing yesterday morning and didn’t stop for about 15 hours. Then it got super windy + the coldest temps we’ve had in DECADES which has shut down pretty much all of Muncie. Not quite everything though because guess who is working through the blizzard? Me! Argh I was sooo close to an unprecedented day off but two boys (brothers) had to come because both of their parents had to work today still. Everyone else called off last night and almost everything is closed out there. I have only seen a handful of cars drive by all day. Ah well, it hasn’t been bad. The boys didn’t come until 8:30 and they are leaving around 3 and Zach and I have gotten Christmas all put away so I’m still happy. 🙂

So how about New Year’s Eve now? Mom, Dad, Zach and I took off on Tuesday afternoon for Greencastle, IN (about 1hr 45 min. away) and got to The Inn at Depauw around 5:30. We had bought a package that included our room for the night, entrance to the NYE party in their ballroom, an appetizer buffet all night, champagne at midnight and a New Year’s Day breakfast in the morning. We settled into our room first which was pretty nice!


Gorgeous sunset for the last day of 2013


We walked to the pub in our hotel to grab some food before we got ready. I just split a sandwich with Mom since I wasn’t that hungry and we’d have appetizers later!


Then we all went back to our room to get ready, play cards and of course drink wine!

IMG_8288 IMG_8291

We got all dressed up and headed to our reserved table in the ballroom (it was beyond nice that everything was in one place- no going outside, no DRIVING- excellent).

P1030237 P1030240 P1030242

Waiting for the band, War Radio, to set up


We ventured back and forth from our room to the ballroom all night (we had wine and champagne in our room, so no need to spend lots of money at the hotel bar!).


IMG_8295 IMG_8301

Some of the appetizers on Zach’s plate- I mainly stuck with chips and a cheesy dip because it was SO good


We took pictures…


…and danced a lot….

P1030272 P1030275

…went outside to take a few pictures….

P1030289 P1030293

…then it was midnight!! We had a champagne toast and kisses and rang in 2014!


It was a beyond fun New Year’s Eve! We all had such  fantastic time and agreed we would definitely do that again sometime!


Then we slept, though not very long, before getting up for our breakfast.  Dad always is a bit hyper in the morning…



Haha! Breakfast was basically brunch and then we drove home and Zach and I had a laaaaazy New Year’s Day. We watched Netflix shows, read, played games, got takeout for dinner and went to bed EARLY. Now it’s 2014. And 6 days in too! Almost caught up on posts now. 🙂


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