3 Jan

Moving right along onto Monday… I went back to work on Monday but had yet another easy day because of the low number of kids. I have been so spoiled with the holidays! I got my 30 minute on the gazelle in and cleaned like crazy all day. After work I got to the gym for my new obsession- TRX. My trainer and I (I like to think of her as my personal trainer since I am the only member for Monday nights!) did 50 minutes of a great mix of strength and cardio. She told me that my push-up form is impeccable. 🙂  I rushed away at the end of class, got ready in 5 minutes at home (that seems to be a habit) and Zach and I met the family at MCL for dinner. It’s the only place Grandma and Grandpa go eat. 🙂 I kept it light with just a small salad and a bowl of veggies. I wasn’t that hungry and with New Year’s Eve the next day I wanted to be extra light! Of course I wolfed my food down so I could play with this angel:

IMG_8196 IMG_8203 IMG_8208

🙂 After dinner most of us went to Mom and Dad’s to visit for awhile and I got to play “photographer” with Mattie Jo!

IMG_8214 IMG_8228 IMG_8233 IMG_8238 IMG_8247 IMG_8253 IMG_8258

Then off to bed relishing the fact that the next day I was off work again! It’s so nice waking up in the morning knowing it is not a workday. I still wake up around 8 (it’s about 6:40 on a workday) but feel so refreshed and ready for the gym always. I wish I could go to the gym first thing every day, I always seem to have more energy/stamina in the morning. On this Tuesday, the last day of 2013, I squeezed in the last bit of running miles that I could. I ran 3 miles on the treadmill in 29:43 (another 29 seconds shaved off!) and then walked a bit to make it an even 35 minutes and 320 calories. Loving running!!

A late lunch was had at Concannon’s with Mom, Dad, Aunt Cindy, Aunt Teresa, Heather and baby Mattie and I had soup and half a salad. I passed on the roll and cookie and the salad was just too huge to finish! I mean it! Sadly we had to say goodbye to our Tennessee family after we ate since we were heading away for New Year’s Eve that night and they were taking off the next morning. It was SUCH a great visit with them though and I cannot wait for Memorial Day weekend when Zach and I go down to see them- Mattie Jo will be 6 months by then! Eek! 🙂 I’ll save NYE for it’s own post once I get all those pictures sorted. Almost caught up…finally!

1,239 miles. 94/200 running miles. THESE ARE MY FINAL MILEAGE UPDATES FOR 2013! I definitely smashed my cardio mileage goal of 1,000 miles but unfortunately didn’t even quite hit half of my running goal. On the other hand- 94 miles run, from a girl who in the past could go the entire year without HALF a mile run is nothing to look down on. 🙂 I am really proud of my accomplishments and only want to do more for this next year. I’ll be writing a post soon with 2014 goals.


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