31 Dec

Happy New Year’s Eve!!! I can’t believe this is my last blog post of 2013. I swear I still feel like I just got used to say that year over 2012! And now tomorrow is 2014!!! Here was my Facebook post from today that sums up our year pretty well…

2013…What a year you’ve been…
-My beloved cat Spooky got hit
-My new wonderful one-eyed cat Pirate Jack came into our lives
– I flew to Georgia to stay with Kori
-Zach and I stayed at an incredible cabin in the Smokies
-John and Heather were our wonderful hosts for a Knoxville, TN Memorial Day trip (and Kori got to meet me there for a day and climb House Mountain!)
-Hillary and I fulfilled our dream of seeing “Wicked” live
-Zach took me on a surprise trip to Chicago for my 25th birthday (oh yeah, I turned a quarter of a century old)
-We began hosting a Bible study in our home (come on Mondays if you’d like to join us!!)
-I got one year closer to paying off our mortgage (just 7 more years to go!)
-Mom, Dad, Zach and I had a WHIRLWIND less-than-24-hour trip to French Lick resort in southern Indiana
-I hit the 5 year mark of owning my own daycare
-I also hit the 5 year mark of being married!!
-I got my husband to start eating tomatoes…and LIKING them!
-Zach and I hit a decade of dating/being together
-I ate at my first Michelin star restaurant
-I studied more about God and the Bible than I ever have in my life and drew even closer to him as a result
-In 17 days Zach and I visited 14 states on the east coast hiking mountains, eating whole lobsters, Italian in Boston, hitting the Jersey Shore, running the hills in Baltimore, biking to Race Point Beach on the Cape, eating world famous bbq and ending up at Niagara Falls for the 4th of July (and so, sooo much more)
-Zach won his 4th straight sectional championship title with the Yorktown Tigers soccer team
-Christine came to visit me on more than one occasion for the “time of our lives” each and every time (soon returning the favor!)
-Kori and I met in the middle at Nashville for an incredible weekend to always be talked about 
-I ran 5 miles straight for the first time in my life (as well as mastering my first clapping pushup and first wall, handstand pushup)
-Zach ran his first marathon
-Old traditions were met, new traditions were made
And we were endlessly blessed to have YOU- all our friends and family surrounding us the whole journey. Hats off to you 2013, you were a GREAT one. Dare I say, the best year yet. That puts some pressure on 2014, but I have NO DOUBTS it will live up to it’s expectations!! HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVES!!!

🙂 Puts a smile on my face just re-reading it and seeing all the adventures and accomplishments, the love and joy we experienced. What an absolutely fantastic year. Be back in 2014 to finish catching up on Christmas!! (Oh! That whole “ran 5 miles” thing- I haven’t posted on here about it yet but I can’t wait to because it was my biggest workout victory yet!)



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