22 Dec

This weekend. It has been so crazy busy, full of fun, incredible food and it’s still going! Ai-yi-yi I barely have a minute to post but I need to because otherwise I would have a crazy long post tomorrow. I am already going to need to break it up as it is…

Friday was a rest day from exercise (besides the 30 minutes on the gazelle) more by force than by choice. I was just SO busy all day with the kid’s Christmas party and stuff around the house that I had no time for an afternoon workout and Zach and I left for his birthday dinner right after work! Very quickly we had Christmas with Steven and Sarah:

IMG_7769 IMG_7770

Then I got dressed and ready in a mad dash…

IMG_7771 IMG_7774

Then it was down to the Broad Ripple area of Indy for dinner at the Northside Social.


This place. We WILL go back! The atmosphere was fun, the restaurant was beautiful and the food, oh the food.


Zach started out with a cocktail and I stuck with water. It’s part of my trying to take each holiday dinner as it comes and make the best choices. In the case of this dinner, a good choice was to skip the drink. We ordered an appetizer to begin and got the Parmesan Shrimp: parmesan breaded shrimp, lightly fried and served with creamy cocktail sauce.


I ate two of these and loved every bite. I actually cut the shrimp up with a knife and ate it with a fork to make it last longer. My dinner of choice was Manchego Chorizo Chicken: chorizo and red pepper stuffed chicken breast topped with a creamy manchego cheese sauce, asparagus and mashed potatoes.


Zach had a Petite Syrah Pork Tenderloin.


I tried his of course but didn’t think it was nearly as good as mine. 🙂 Mine was awesome!! I ate all of my asparagus, a little over 1/4 of the chicken and half the mashed potatoes. I also had a few bites of our shared side, the gourmet mac and cheese (cheesy breadcrumb topped pasta with shallots, thick cut peppered bacon, pancetta and crispy prosciutto). You can see the bowl of it in our above pictures. The mac and cheese was incredible but I only ate a couple of bites because 1) I was getting full and 2) I wanted to box it up and take it home! So I did. I also boxed up the other half of my dinner. Boxes are a waist’s best friend when eating out… I already can’t wait to eat the leftover mac for dinner tomorrow.

To end the meal Zach ordered pumpkin cheesecake for his birthday dessert that came with a maple whipped cream.


I only ate a couple of bites but what I tasted was excellent. I was just the right level of full though and needed no more! I went home feeling satisfied that I had tried what I wanted but didn’t overeat and had plenty of leftovers; a success indeed! We started a Christmas movie on Netflix at home and went to bed before it got too late.

Saturday I woke up early and went and grabbed Zach breakfast and presented him with breakfast in bed for his birthday! For myself, I had a bowl of grapes and then hit the gym. I knew I wanted to run and decided to do at least a mile. I ended up running 3. And it was…dare I say it? Easy. Surprised? I was! I felt so great and just kept running and running! My time wasn’t too bad either, 30:48 (304 calories). I was so pleased! I actually felt I could have even done a little more but I had to get going, lots to do! I’ll leave you with that for now and another post up tomorrow about Zach’s birthday!

1,222 miles. 82/200 running miles.


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