20 Dec

Full speed ahead! Today has been Christmas party day with the kids and that is always quite a busy, crazy day! I got some super sweet gifts from parents though, fun daycare presents from my Mom and Mom-in-law and the kids seemed to really enjoy their things so I call that a success!

Yesterday I did my 30 minutes of gazelle in the morning and Zach and I took off for Indy when my sub showed up at 1. Before hitting the mall we went to Leah’s so that Zach could meet Connor! Unfortunately the poor little guy is having a growth spurt or something and screamed his little head off. He was nooot a happy camper. So no pictures of Zach holding him yet. 🙂 He did manage to calm down for a few minutes while I had Leah open her Christmas presents.


After a little bit of visiting amidst the crying we headed to Castleton mall. It was packed but at least not quite as busy as it would have been after work. We walked and pointed things out and split up and shopped for hours. That was most definitely my afternoon workout, mall walking is exhausting! Especially when you are me and forget where stores are and routinely end up at the wrong end of a very large mall…

We hit a traffic jam on the way home and I ended up at the gym much later than usual. I was pretty beat so I kept it very easy with 22 minutes of walking on the treadmill. Unfortunately I have no stats from that because I forgot to stop my Fitbit record and it recorded for 16 hours!!! Oops. All the while new equipment was being delivered to the main gym and I spotted some interesting pieces, can’t wait to try them out! Back home and I got to open my Christmas presents from Hillary.

IMG_7764 IMG_7767

She made me that infinity scarf herself and I can’t WAIT to read that book! Seriously. I have heard sooo many good things about it. Now I’m getting a shred of peace at nap-time and then it’s a busy afternoon followed by a birthday dinner in Indy tonight for Zach, just me and him. 🙂 Yay!

1,217.5 miles.


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