19 Dec

How is it Thursday? I swear it was just Monday. This week is flying and I don’t mind! 🙂 It’s already been full of fun and the upcoming days promises more of the same. Let’s go back to Tuesday, my one calm day I’ve had this week…

Thirty minutes on the gazelle and Insanity at nap-time (1.25 miles, 219 calories). Already this week doing Insanity the day after TRX was not quite as hard! After work we ate leftovers and took a Christmas drive combined with a little Christmas shopping; mostly darting in places to pick up a gift card and darting back out. I also donated a little of the leftover fudge to Zach’s mom, Vicki. 🙂 Then we took advantage of the calm and watched some of our shows.

Wednesday brought 30 minutes on the gazelle and spin class after work. Unfortunately this week the door was not open early and I didn’t even get to start cycling until 10 minutes before class. That, combined with having to leave 5 minutes earlier than I usually leave (which is always already 15 minutes before class is done), gave me only 52 minutes to cycle. I got in 16.1 miles and burned 384 calories. Still much, much better than nothing! I came home and did a quick change and was ready to go out to dinner in 9 minutes. I’ve got fast down! The reason for the rush was that we were headed to dinner with Zach’s parents to celebrate his birthday (which is this Saturday!!).

We went to a new-ish place in town that Zach and I had yet to visit called Damask. It’s a Mediterranean place and our extremely slow service was made up for with very good food! We started out with a hummus appetizer with warm pita.

The hummus was excellent and I ate one pita. One. Over the next…oh…2 weeks (yikes!) there’s going to be a LOT of going out to eat/Christmas dinners. This means I need a game plan. Here it is:

  1. Try anything you want in very small amounts
  2. Stop eating before you feel full
  3. Box up food at restaurants always (portions are ALMOST always too big)
  4. Eat only what’s “worth it”. If you don’t love something, DON’T EAT IT.
  5. Be mindful!!

There. That’s pretty simple right? For someone such as myself who can easily eat far beyond what is healthy (or necessary) these simple rules have often eluded me in the past. This is why I set down a game plan and intend to follow it to the best I can and last night was a smashing success! So anyway, since I knew a lot of food was coming I had that one pita and it was delicious. 🙂


My dinner:

IMG_7754 IMG_7755

Spanakopita (crispy phyllo dough filled with spinach and feta) with a yogurt sauce, rice, jerusalem salad (a chopped bunch of cucumber, green pepper, onion and tomato-dressing on the side!) and a vegetarian vermicelli tomato soup. Here’s what I ate- most of the salad, half the rice, 1/4 of the soup (it wasn’t very good) and 1 spanakopita (shared with Zach swapped for bites of his of course!). The other spanakopita and rice got boxed up and will make good leftovers I hope since it tasted great the first time! The portions here are HUGE, check out Ron’s!


Vicki shared with Zach but Ron tackled that tajine by himself. Of course over half got boxed up. I would go back here again, they had several things I wouldn’t mind trying!

He’s almost 26!



Now today I have a half day and Zach and I are headed to Indy to hopefully finish up almost all the rest of Christmas shopping. It’s going to be crazy out there I imagine but I’m a woman on a mission. First though we get to go to Leah’s so that Zach can meet Connor and she and I can do Christmas!! Then more fun things tonight…and tomorrow night…and Saturday night…and..well, you get it. 😉

1,216 miles.


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