16 Dec

With the exception of tomorrow night, I have something going on every. single. day/night. until Christmas. Crazy! And I love it. 🙂 Tonight, for example, is our Bible study Christmas party and I have made some delicious treats for it! I will share them tomorrow. For now though, the weekend.

Saturday after a busy day of working out/cleaning/shopping/planning we arrived at Trent and Mary’s hungry and ready for our Christmas shindig. I provided the fruit tray which was a good call because while waiting to eat I nibbled on fruit instead of crackers or something. Overall I ate very well, only going slightly overboard on the green bean casserole. 😉 (Love me some green bean casserole!)


We hung out and ate and took pictures…

IMG_7699 IMG_7708 IMG_7721 IMG_7731

Before getting down to some present opening. Noah and Natalee seemed to enjoy their things, though Natalee was so much more interested in the bow and bag then her actual present…

IMG_7722 IMG_7724 IMG_7727

Then, funny enough, we got Trent and Mary a gift card to the same restaurant they got us one for! Looks like we’ll be going together. 🙂

When Zach had to run off to a beer event I went to Mom and Dad’s and enjoyed the hot tub with Mom on a very snowy, beautiful night. I hung out until it was time to pick Zach up and we came home for some relaxation.

Sunday morning was the kid’s Christmas program at church which was really adorable. Then the day brought more shopping and more cleaning (notice a pattern?) plus some leftovers for lunch and a quick nap squeezed in!

When I woke up I made one of the desserts for tonight (I’m making the other at nap-time today) and then headed to the gym for an hour on the treadmill of just walking (3.8 miles, 325 calories). Then I went to Mom’s to let her try my dessert and see my Christmas pictures, who in turn had me go down to my Grandma’s (2 houses down :)) and let her try my dessert and see my Christmas pictures.

I came home and fixed myself breakfast for dinner- some turkey bacon and an egg white omelette and then hung out with Hillary until Zach got home. I let her open her Christmas presents early. 🙂

The night ended with couch time catching up on shows with Zach and early to bed for a big week!

Oh! I just remembered that I got our Christmas card pictures back from the photographer and they are pretty awesome! I will share some with you tomorrow.

1,205.5 miles.


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