11 Dec

As if I wasn’t sore enough from TRX on Monday, I did an Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit yesterday afternoon! (As well as gazelle in the morning). I did 1.2 miles and burned 267 calories- I actually felt really great too! It was a pretty easy day of daycare since I had such a small class due to lots of kids being sick. Hillary showed up near the end of the day and hung out until I got off because the second work was over we headed to Indy to see…

IMG_7669 IMG_7672

Baby Connor!!! I FINALLY got to visit Leah and this little week and 2 day old baby! He was so precious and sweet. He slept almost our entire visit until right at the very end. Look at that little face:


I was so glad to see Leah, it had been over a month since our last visit! Crazy how time flies… I got to hear all about her birth story and cuddle this little guy. I am already planning when I next get over there again. 🙂


I got home for some time with my husband before turning in early! Today is pretty normal but starting tomorrow more fun stuff comes and doesn’t really slow down until after New Year’s! Ack! 14 days until Christmas. Seriously? I realllly need to get more shopping done.

1,190.5 miles.


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