10 Dec

That’s seriously the name of last night’s supper. First though, my day. I didn’t do a morning booty call, mostly because I was just busy doing Monday morning things and just didn’t feel like it. I was excited for the gym though! I signed up last Friday for a new class and this was my first night of it. It’s called TRX Cardio and uses the TRX bands that I talked about working out with during the Turkey Burn. It alternates strength/body weight moves with the bands and some serious, go-hard cardio for 1 minute intervals. They are offering different TRX classes on different days but this was the only time slot that worked for me and I am the only one signed up for Monday classes! There was one other woman last night who joined us just to try it out but other than her it’s just me and the instructor. Haha, it’s like I have a personal trainer now 🙂

We did series of moves with the bands for several rounds each (such as 5 sideways rows, then 5 curtsy lunges per leg, repeat several times) then would have a solid minute of cardio (such as alternating mountain climbers and high knees). We had about 5 different circuits we did and I really loved the class! It was tough and challenging but not in such a way that I couldn’t keep up. I definitely feel it in my core and shoulders today. TRX is surprisingly great for core strength, I really feel my abs working the whole time! It was a 45 minute class and I can’t wait until next week!

I got home literally just in time for Bible study (as in, there were already people there! but luckily so was Zach) and we had a great time fellowshipping and reading/discussing more parables. Once everyone left dinner was ready thanks to my crockpot! That afternoon I had chopped potatoes, green peppers and onions and put them in the crockpot.



Then I made meatballs just using salt, pepper and 90% lean ground chuck (good Whole Foods meat!) and browned them stovetop.



Tossed the meatballs on top of the veggies then poured on a sauce made of ketchup, water, vinegar, salt, pepper and dried basil. Then let it cook on high for 5 hours!



This recipe came out of “Best of Country: Slow Cooker Favorites” and actually used carrots instead of green peppers but neither of us care for cooked carrots all that much.



Despite it being called stew there was barely a broth to it at all! I liked this but thought the meatballs were perhaps too sweet? The veggies cooked great but I wish I would have added maybe some onion powder or garlic salt (or both!) to the meatballs. Next time!



Now today it’s finally time for another Insanity workout and I finally get to meet Leah’s baby tonight!!!


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