4 Dec

Said I was going to write a post yesterday didn’t I? Oops. Let’s play catch up some more shall we… Saturday’s exercise was zilch. nada. nothin’. (as was Sunday’s!) I was beyond sore!! So Saturday I slept in a bit, for the first time on Thanksgiving break I might add, and it was glorious. When I was up and moving Mom came and got me and we headed to Middletown to meet a new member of the family!


Meet baby Lucas. 🙂 He is my cousin Andrew’s baby and is so beautiful! We got to have a little shower for him (since they live further away) and of course snapped a couple of family pics as well.


The rest of Saturday was spent in a fun fashion. First watching some shows on Netflix with Zach, then Zach and I played charades against Mom and Dad (they ended up beating us but how was I supposed to make a comeback when I got “The Purple Rose of Cairo”?!) and then it was hang out time with Hillary. We got in the hot tub and had some wine and stayed in there talking and getting nice and pruny. Then we came to my house, changed and headed out to have a drink with a few other girls.

IMG_7545 IMG_7556 IMG_7563

Sunday was almost totally a day of nothing besides teaching at church with Mom! I had a leisurely nap, watched a movie with Zach, played some games, planned out the week, etc. It’s nice to have days of nothing sometimes. 🙂 (Though Leah was doing anything but nothing, she was bringing baby Connor into the world this day!) Monday was back to work and still no exercise took place! The soreness was better in my legs and abs but my shoulders, triceps and surprisingly- forearms were super bad. I was almost confused by my forearms because they hadn’t even hurt that much over the weekend but come Monday I could not even fully extend my arms it was that bad. I spent the whole day gingerly keeping my arms slightly bent. It was crazy!

Tuesday they were still sore but much, much better and on the exercise front I did 30 minutes on the gazelle and 30 minutes on the treadmill (1.93 miles, 169 calories). I was supposed to go see Leah’s baby last night but the little guy had to go in the nicu for awhile so my visit was rescheduled. Now we’re already half-way through the first week of December (what?!) and I am looking forward to spin tonight to get a harder workout in. Happy hump day!

1,180.5 miles.


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