2 Dec

And just like that the break is over! I think I’ll write a post about Thanksgiving and Friday today and then do the rest of the weekend tomorrow. So you already know how our Thanksgiving morning started with that wonderful Turkey Trot- the perfect start to the day for sure! When we got home I made that mulled wine and green bean casserole and now I will show all of the dessert that I had baked Wednesday night:

IMG_7447 IMG_7448 IMG_7449


Peanut Butter Brownies! Courtesy of a Taste of Home Fall Baking magazine. Made exactly as the recipe dictated and these were gooood. Everyone seemed to really enjoy them! Zach and I headed over to Grandma and Larry’s at 1 and arrived at the same time as Mom and Dad. We got the food set up quickly and we were all ready to dig in!



Here is my plate of delicious lunch:


Of course throughout the day I picked a bit at the food, especially the stuffing and green bean casserole. 🙂


When we needed a break from eating we played some games. Mom and I taught Grandma Bananagrams which she somehow won with some over-the-shoulder help from Dad and Zach… Then Grandma and I played Mom and Zach in Nerts and almost won. I managed to round everyone up for some pictures…

IMG_7472 IMG_7476

IMG_7483 IMG_7485

Then I was feeling the need for physical activity so I took a little walk by the pond and snapped some pictures of the frozen scenery.

IMG_7480 IMG_7500 IMG_7504 IMG_7505 IMG_7507

I also wrangled Zach into getting a few more pictures on the porch…he’s such a good sport. 🙂

IMG_7486 IMG_7494

Around 5:30 we reheated some food and ate a little more for supper before everyone took off. Zach and I headed back to Muncie and went straight to the movie theater. It’s our Thanksgiving tradition to always see a movie Thanksgiving night and this year we saw “Catching Fire”!!! We both love the books and were so excited for the movie. It did not disappoint, we loved it! When we left, even though it was only 9:45 the parking lots were already PACKED with crazy black Friday shoppers. We were so glad to be headed nowhere but home. We did black Friday once years ago and it is NOT my idea of a good time. My time has a value on it and the amount of the discount received does not equal the amount my time is worth. I would much rather be snug in my bed. 🙂

Friday you already know how my morning began- with that absolutely crazy Turkey Burn workout! (See my last post if you don’t know what I am talking about!) I definitely wish I could do a workout like that after every holiday, or even every week if that were possible- it was that good. I got back home around 10am feeling very accomplished and Zach was fixing us brunch! The day after Thanksgiving is one of our favorite days of the year (one of many…) when we turn our house into a Christmas wonderland. This is definitely an all day event and it always begins with Zach making us brunch.

IMG_7512 IMG_7515

On the menu this year was half an apple with PB, an over-easy egg with mushrooms (he doesn’t care for mushrooms much but made them just for me :)) and the third item was a total surprise!


These are called sausage balls and they are delicious. We had a friend in highschool whose mother made these for every event we ever had it seems like and Zach always raved over them. Well he got the recipe from our friend and made them for our brunch! I was so impressed with him and they turned out great. 🙂 After fueling up we began the chore of carting EVERYTHING out of the attic. And believe me, there is a lot. First order of decorating business is always the tree, my absolute favorite part.


Every one of my ornaments has some special story/meaning/significance and it’s such a fun walk down memory lane to get them all out. Zach and I have bought each other an ornament every year that we have been together so that right there is already 18 of our ornaments! Sometime I should do a fun post with each one…

After the tree I go to work setting up my Christmas village while Zach does outdoor lights.


Then we reconvene to set up random decorations all over the house. I had another nice little surprise from Zach in the way of Christmas music. Every year we play the holiday channel on the TV to listen to Christmas songs all day but since we got rid of our cable that no longer exists. Zach knew I was bummed about this and while I was at the gym he went to the store (braving the ridiculous crowds) and got a cable that lets us hook the laptop up to the TV! Enter lovely Christmas music all day. 🙂 Pirate Jack’s first Christmas at a home!


I went to the gym for an easy walking workout when we were done and then we ate some of our thousands of leftovers before hanging out with Steven and Sarah. We had some beer and played several games of cards and had a generally nice, laid-back evening. Love the holiday season!


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