30 Nov

As always I have lots of pictures I need to mess with before a cohesive Thanksgiving post will go up but I MUST post about yesterday’s workout. I am SO unbelievably sore today. I think more sore than I have ever been in my entire life and that includes after starting Insanity!! So yesterday morning I was at the gym at 8am with a small group of people who signed up for Turkey Burn- a 2 hour boot camp. The first hour was with one trainer and then the second hour was with another. I was in a group of 4 people, one of whom I knew a little, and it was a great time of bonding really. You do a workout that intense for that long and you can’t help but feel camaraderie!

The first hour was TRX. I had never done TRX before but I knew a little about it. It is strictly body weight and you exercise using these bands with handles that are anchored into a beam. First session (to be completed in 1 minute) was 15 deck jumps (jumping from a low position with both feet onto a high deck), 10 rows on the TRX band (alternating palms facing in and palms facing out) and 5 bicep pull-ups on band. Sorry, it is really hard to explain what the heck these moves even looked like or were but they were seriously working me out! So we did that session 10 times through. Next session we had our feet in the handles of bands with our hands on the floor in plank and did 15 mountain climbers per leg, then 5 standing tricep moves with the bands and 5 standing superman pushup moves with the bands (those were SO hard on my triceps). We did this round 10 times through. Next session we slammed a weighted ball from over our head into the floor (I used a 15 lb.) 10 times followed by 5 pistol squat + 5 curtsy lunge per leg with the bands. Lastly we had some assorted moves with the bands before switching over.

Now at this point I am sweating pretty hard and getting fatigued but there was no time for rest because it was on to the serious boot camp portion! We partnered up (I was with the woman I know) and had to do a series of stations. At each station you would do 1 minute of activity, rest for 30 seconds, then do 1 minute more before switching to a new station.

  • Station 1: bucket carry- Carry a 40lb cement bucket from half-court to the end of the court back and forth, alternating arms, until the minute is up. (Everything took place on one of the basketball courts in the gym)
  • Station 2: agility ladder- There is a ladder pattern taped onto the floor and you have to hop both feet in, both feet out through every rung all the way down the ladder and then do fast feet alternating through each rung (tough to explain, I know).
  • Station 3: spider touches- Have both palms in an individual rung on the ladder in a plank and alternate bringing one leg up all the way beside your palms then back to plank.
  • Station 4: deck burpees- A line of 7 decks touching end to end and you place your palms on the first one, feet burpee to the floor, jump up and hop to next deck and repeat down the line then run to beginning and start again.
  • Station 5: squat toss- Using a soft weighted ball squat and throw ball from squatting position and stand up and catch then squat again.
  • Station 6: battle ropes- You know, those ropes you see them pounding on the Biggest Loser? Yeah. These are TOUGH! One person stands at the end on the rope as an anchor while the other person alternates arms making waves with the rope for a full minute. Squatting as low as you can. I started out strong but my arms got sooo tired so fast. It was like being in a bad dream where you feel that you are doing something as hard as you can but nothing is happening. I felt like I was slamming those ropes for all I was worth and barely making waves!
  • Station 7: plate push & pulls- There was a 25 lb. plate (the weights you put on the end of a barbell) in a towel that we would crouch down and push half-way down the court then pull it backwards to the starting line.
  • Station 8: kettlebell swings: We would squat while swinging a kettle bell between our legs then stand and repeat.

After we did each station twice we did kettlebell suicides across the court which were In. Sane. I can’t even describe them hardly because they were quite complicated but it involved a lot of running to a line with the kettlebell, dropping it off and running back, running back to the bell and picking it up and running back to start, then running with the weight to a new, further line. Something like that.

Finally we each did a circuit with the battle ropes beating them in different motions all out for 15 seconds at a time and this was incredibly tiring, especially coming at the end of a workout. CRAZY MORNING! Needless to say I am NOT doing a workout today (I can barely move!!) and I will be getting in the hot tub tonight for sure.

Oh, did I mention I went back to the gym yesterday evening to do 30 minutes walking on the treadmill? Cause I did. Yes, I’m crazy. 🙂 I wasn’t sore yet though and knew I would be today so I wanted to get a little bit more cardio in! (2.4 miles, 175 calories).

1,177.5 miles.



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