28 Nov



Several title possibilities ran through my head this morning as I ran in the below 20 degree weather. 🙂 But first, yesterday. Wednesday was a great day with my small class (30 minutes gazelle in the morning) and I was thrilled to find the spin class door open early again at the gym. This meant I was able to get 73 minutes in (24 miles, 460 calories). It was a great pre-Thanksgiving spin! I got home and ate leftovers and baked some more. I had already been baking during the day and at nap-time I made this:

IMG_7441 IMG_7442

I am always in charge of making pumpkin pies and would you believe this- I have never had a slice of one of mine! For as many things as I enjoy, I really do not care for pumpkin pie! Also in the afternoon I spent what felt like forever french slicing 2 lbs. of fresh green beans…


Those are going to get turned into green bean casserole here in just an hour! After I ate my dinner I got to work on my second dessert. It’s a surprise though and in the event that Mom reads my blog for Thanksgiving I am not going to reveal it. Here are two clues though…

IMG_7446 IMG_7448

🙂 MMM! I hope it’s delicious! Once the baking was completed we headed to Savages with Mom and Dad and had a lot of fun playing cards, enjoying drinks (I had just one glass of wine-race in the morning!) and generally having a great time knowing we had a 4-day weekend ahead!


This morning Zach and I were up bright and early getting ready for the Turkey Trot. I had a slice of toast (wanted a banana but we had none!) and then we had a surprise in our driveway- Zach’s dad! Apparently he had decided to run too and he picked us up. We went back to his house and grabbed Vicki who was going to walk and I snapped this gem of the beautiful Thanksgiving sunrise:


The run was awesome!! Soooo much better than I expected! You know that I have not ran farther than 1.5 in forever and I was figuring this would be a run/walk type of deal. Well Zach, Ron and I set out to do 3 miles and we actually did 3.2 and I was feeling GREAT! From mile 1 on I felt fantastic and like…well, like a runner! I wasn’t tired or winded and my legs felt pretty good and despite it being literally freezing, I was sweating. When we finished our run I felt so good I thought I would keep running and go back and join Vicki (she was behind us walking). Well I ran and I ran but never saw her. I decided to turn around and let Ron and Zach know and Ron ran out and got her. Turns out she had walked out further than she thought and was a good ways behind us. 🙂 With that extra run in I evened out at 4 miles!! I have never ran that far ever!! I was beyond ecstatic and what a perfect way to start Thanksgiving. It took 51 minutes (I’m no speed demon that’s for sure 🙂 but I only walked the tiniest bit) and I burned 387 calories. That’s at least a portion of what I’ll consume today. 😉 Here’s the race buddies:


We got home and I set to work on more things for our feast. I am in charge of the now-tradition of making mulled wine.


This year I used 2 bottles of a soft red + 1 1/4 C water + 1/4 C sugar + 3 TBS of mulling spices + some orange slices.



That’s going to sit now until it’s time to go and hopefully it tastes wonderful! Now I’ve got to go get started on the green bean casserole. Happy Thanksgiving friends!

1,174.5 miles. 76.5/200 running miles. (Biggest jump I’ve ever been able to give the running miles!)


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