25 Nov

The weekend may be over, but I don’t have as much of a “case of the Monday’s” like normal because it is basically my Wednesday! That’s right, 3-day work week followed by a 4 day weekend. Hooray for Thanksgiving holidays!! So very, very excited to hit 5:30 on Weds…

So Saturday I was very proud of myself because we got a decent start on our Christmas shopping. If you know me, you know that every year I swear I am going to start earlier and then never do. In fact I never ever start before Thanksgiving so this year I feel slightly ahead of the game for once! (We’ll see how long that lasts…) Zach and I spent the better part of the day getting some things checked off our lists and then we came home to fix and early dinner together. We were cooking out of “Way to Cook Vegetarian” and made Sesame Tofu Stir Fry over Rice.


While I almost always rave over every recipe from this cookbook, I don’t know that I would make this again. Don’t get me wrong, it was really good and we cleaned our plates bowls but it wasn’t anything outstanding. It reminded me of other things that I’ve had before but without as much flavor. It was nice to have a kitchen helper though and Zach and I got this made in no time!

IMG_7398 IMG_7402

We ate while watching Breaking Bad…or was it Parks and Rec? We are working our way through both.

IMG_7403 IMG_7406


I do have to say that I was incredibly impressed with one Zach Rabenstein as he proceeded to eat every. single. shiitake mushroom in his bowl! (I was almost disappointed that I wasn’t handed any over…) 😉



Mushrooms are really the last frontier he has to forge and he is doing impressively well. After dinner we danced around to music (yes, just the two of us in our house…we do this all the time!!) and played an incredibly long, fun, wild game of catch with an orange. People who do nothing together but sit and watch tv are boring. 😉 Then we made cookie dough for molasses cookies but as we have yet to bake the cookies I will save those pictures for later.

The cookies didn’t get baked because we took the dough over to Mom and Dad’s to make the cookies while we all played cards and when we got there Mom had cookies in the oven for us! Haha, that’s what happens when I keep my cookies a surprise. So we ate Mom’s cookies while we beat Mom and Dad in a super close game of double euchre (so fun!) and saved my dough for another time. We went to bed decently early for a Saturday and it was super, successful, fun day!

Sunday morning we went to church, ate leftovers for lunch and cleaned cleaned cleaned. I had a break in the cleaning when I went to the library book sale with Mom and brought home a whole bag of books for $2. I still have books from the LAST sale to read but Mom coerced me into it. We just cannot resist books, especially at that price! After all the cleaning was done Zach and I met Mom and Dad out at Tonne for some wine:



We had the semi-dry riesling which we don’t normally get and it was wonderful! The 4 of us hadn’t done this for awhile and it was a great time as well as a beautiful evening.


Zach and Dad forced us women to go to Puerto after so what else were we to do? The rest of the evening was Zach and I at home visiting with Pirate Jack (he has to live in the office for at least 4 more days until his paws are healed), playing the orange game some more (this time with tennis balls), watching more of our shows, reading and bed and going to sleep early!

Woke up refreshed and ready this morning and so very pleased that it’s a short week!!


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