22 Nov

What a healthy, fantastic week this has been thus far! Wednesday I did my 30 minutes on the gazelle and had a nice surprise at the gym that night. The spin class door was open early again! Thank goodness. I was able to get in and get 24.9 miles and 67 minutes under my belt (451 calories). I came home to a delicious dinner of leftover chili and had a relaxing evening with my love.

Thursday brought another 30 minutes on the gazelle and more Insanity at nap-time. Thank goodness my next workout was Cardio Recovery because I could tell my muscles were needing a little break (I’ve been pushing it hard this week!). I didn’t FitBit record Cardio Recovery because it really doesn’t show up in mileage or calories burned since it’s mostly static moves. I definitely am a different kind of sore today though from all the lunging and squatting!! I was absolutely, positively going for a mile run in the neighborhood after work. I mean right up until the minute I was taking off my jeans to put on athletic pants but it was raining just a little too much. As you’ve obviously seen before, I don’t have a problem running in some rain but it was just on the border of too hard so I didn’t do it. Instead I got started on dinner!

Dinner was so cool tonight.


“Why cool?” you ask. Well because it took a recipe that averages at 1,890 calories all the way down to 317. That’s right. The recipe? A take on chicken fried steak from “Now Eat This!”. Here’s the gist:

  1. Pounded out 3oz. portions of filet mignon to 1/3″ thick. (Bought from Whole Foods- trustworthy meat!!IMG_7335
  2. Dip steak in whole wheat flour, followed by foamy egg whites followed by whole wheat breadcrumbs.IMG_7334
  3. Place steaks on a wire rack and spray with cooking spray, season with S+P
  4. Bake steaks in oven at 450 degrees around 10 minutes
  5. Meanwhile cook spicy Italian turkey sausage (I used chicken) on stovetop until cookedIMG_7336
  6. Stir cornstarch and chicken broth together, pour over sausage, cook until thickened IMG_7337
  7. Remove pan from heat and stir in greek yogurt
  8. Top steaks with gravy, season with S+P and enjoy! (oh, and add a side of vegetables ;))IMG_7338

This turned out great! The gravy was especially good. Zach raved over it (he’s such a gravy guy) and is already begging me to replicate it for our annual Christmas morning brunch. 🙂


I loved the kick the spicy sausage added and the filets were sooo tender they didn’t even need a steak knife! Successful meal indeed.



I have a half day of work today, get to pick up my baby cat from the vet (Pirate Jack had to go in and get his front claws out :(), good workout at the gym and tonight seeing Wicked in Indy!!! More on that later, I cannot wait!

1,146.5 miles.


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