20 Nov

Last night I resurrected a recipe that I haven’t made in a year- chili! Delicious, wonderful, home-cooked chili.


I made it exactly like this except with ground turkey instead of beef.

IMG_7329 IMG_7330

I made it last year on November 12 so it really has been a full year. This recipe is from my personal recipe file and it is just the way my Mom always made it. You know how you love what you are used to or grew up on? Well THIS is my all-time favorite chili ever.


I topped it with shredded fat-free cheddar and a dollop of FAGE and ate it while watching Katy Perry’s documentary “Part of Me”, haha surprisingly good!


Zach and I were thrilled to have a whole evening of no plans, just low-key hanging around the house. So nice.

I need to catch up my workouts! Monday- 30 minutes on gazelle and then at the gym I took my new shoes for a run! Did 30 minutes on the treadmill (2.34 miles, 200 calories). I ran one mile and then walked the rest at an incline. So far so good, loving the new kicks!

Tuesday- 30 minutes on the gazelle, Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance and a run after work. It felt so good to do another Insanity, I swear I am getting stronger again already, but unfortunately I have NO stats! I started my FitBit at the beginning and then was so wiped out at the end and thankful to sit down that I completely forgot to stop the timer. By the time I remembered I had been recording for 2+ hours. Whoops. I did my outdoor run totally bundled up because it is getting chilly out there but I was plenty warm just a few minutes in! I ran 1.2 miles (120 calories) while observing a GORGEOUS sunset. It took me 15 minutes because I stopped and walked twice since my soleus muscle kept cramping, I think due to the Insanity workout. It was a great day of working out though!

Now it’s Wednesday! Half-way through out work week, spin class tonight and leftover chili, hooray!

1,135.5 miles. 71.5/200 running miles.



One Response to “THAT TIME OF YEAR”

  1. Mom November 20, 2013 at 12:58 pm #

    About time for me to fix that chili also!! (Glad to hear you always liked it!) Love, Mom

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