12 Nov

Oh, it was so good to return to the land of the living yesterday! Productive work-day, morning gazelle workout, after work gym trip, Bible study AND a home-cooked dinner! At the gym I was slightly crunched on time and did 25 minutes on the treadmill (1.78 miles, 162 calories) before heading home to shower before Bible study.

Dinner was ready for us to eat as soon as our Bible study members left because it was in the crockpot! At nap-time I assembled Ham ‘n’ Swiss Chicken from my “Best of Country: Slow Cooker Recipes”. Ironically I found it online, exact same recipe, under Taste of Home and not Best of Country…wonder whose it was first! My only changes were using whole wheat bread and using almond milk instead of 2% (like always).


I also purchased 98% fat-free ham and free-range chicken (but again, that’s a given!).


This sat in the crockpot smelling good and I was so excited to be able to just dish it up and eat once our guests were gone, I was hungry!

IMG_7273 IMG_7274

Hungry enough that I ended up having some seconds because this stuff was delicious!


It’s especially odd how much I liked it since I don’t care for soggy bread (which is essentially what this is…) but I thought it was wonderful! So did Zach. It was very much like a deconstructed chicken cordon bleu- yum!


We ended the night finishing off season 2 of Breaking Bad, we are seriously hooked now. It’s getting so intense. I’ll write another post this afternoon back-tracking to last Wednesday with Kori. So behind…




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