12 Nov





I worked all day on Wednesday. Nothing too exciting there. But THEN I got off work knowing that not only did Ko and I have the entire night ahead but we had the whoooole next day too! That’s right, I had Kathy coming to work for me for a full day on Thursday so that we could do whatever we wanted! Therefore, when 5:30 rolled around, I was pumped and ready for fun. 🙂 Our night in photos with intermittent captioning…

Pictures immediately followed the end of daycare:

IMG_6582 IMG_6585

Then it was off to Puerto for a monster margarita (oh yeah, and dinner too…;))


Some snapchats are so precious you just have to screenshot them.


Back to my house for hilarity trying to open a bottle of sparkling wine…


Only to find out it was non-alcoholic and we banned it from our stash.


Made a cocktail and got ready for a night out.


Took a few pictures outside.

IMG_6618 IMG_6620

Took a few more pictures inside…

IMG_6627 IMG_6634 IMG_6656 IMG_6676 IMG_6694

Had Zach and Steven drive us to campus. Signed our names in a bathroom.



Ran into more friends and danced the night away.

IMG_6728 IMG_6734 IMG_6758

Made Zach and Steven go on a walk with us to take pictures with Frog Baby.

IMG_6787 IMG_6790 IMG_6819


And ended the night with the boys having breakfast at Sunshine Cafe. We had a BLAST on this night and I wish I could repeat it like once a week. 🙂


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