11 Nov

This is a tiny bit of a workout update but not really since I hardly have any workouts to report! I am SO looking forward to being back in my gym tonight. 🙂 So here is my half-hearted attempt at exercising last week:

Tuesday: 43 minutes on the gazelle (2.1 miles)

Wednesday: 43 minutes on the gazelle (2 miles), loooots of late night dancing 🙂

Thursday: Nothing formal but my FitBit let me know I burned a lot with early morning dancing and then Kori and I running around outdoors all day taking pictures (tons of jumping pictures = a decent workout!)

Friday: nada

Saturday: 30 minutes walk (1.53 miles, 148 calories)

Sunday: 40 minute walk (2.47 miles, 224 calories)

Now I clearly will have a lot of pictures to get uploaded from the past week but I will start with just a simple update from Tuesday. Kori got here around 12:30 in the afternoon and of course I was SOO excited to see her. It was fun to get to hang out during nap-time like old times. 🙂 After I got off work we went out to her aunt and uncle’s house for a night of Pizza King and her seeing her family.

IMG_6569 IMG_6572

I went with her because after being best friends for so long her family is pretty much my family too. 🙂 We kept the evening low-key just hanging out over there for a while eating pizza and delicious homemade cookies before coming back here and starting a scary movie. Scary movies are totally one of our things and since Zach doesn’t like them (and I don’t watch them alone!) I really only get to catch up on some with Kori. We started the movie and then went to bed half-way through because we wanted to be really rested up for the next night!

1,108.5 miles.


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