5 Nov

The third and final Chi-town day! Zach and I slept in a bit at our hotel and then got up and cleaned our whirlwind disaster. I swear, the room looked like we’d been living there a week! Haha We also took advantage of our cool room with a few more pics…

IMG_5954 IMG_5963 IMG_5961 IMG_5958

After we packed up, checked out and walked to the car we drove to brunch. Our location was GT Fish and Oyster- a restaurant with incredibly high recommendations for dinner, lunch or brunch.


This place was CLAS-SY! Zach got some cool breakfast drink and I got a spicy bloody mary with a high life pony (a tiny beer to drink on the back)- it was awesome.


The dishes at this place are pretty shareable so we decided to do our meal “tapas style”. First up we started with the french toast: yuzu curd, mascarpone.


This was such a beautiful presentation, almost too pretty to eat! But of course, eat it we did. 🙂 Next up was biscuits and lobster gravy: lobster and potato hash, tarragon, poached egg


Yes, yes and yes. Possibly my favorite dish we had here! The lobster gravy was incredibly good. We both agreed it tasted back like we were in New England! The biscuits were also divine (everything handmade right in their kitchen of course).


Our last dish (we thought) was the chilaquiles: duck, salsa verde, queso fresco, fried egg.


If the last one tasted like the east coast, this one tasted like the southwest!!


This dish was also incredibly good but it was also the largest one of the three and we were getting STUFFED so we unfortunately had to leave some behind. It was so hard to leave delicious duck and amazing chile strips but it had to be done. Then, totally unbeknownst to us, look what came out-


Their famous monkey bread: orange cream cheese glaze. Oh man. We were awfully full but this dish was pretty small and SO good. Zach’s favorite hands down and it came in a close second to the biscuits and gravy for me. (Which is funny because typically I am the sweets junkie and Zach’s obsessed with biscuits and gravy…) I know why this dish is so popular now. Everything about our experience here was perfect and I would totally come back for a seafood dinner sometime!!

After brunch it was time for our last Chicago experience, Zach took me to Navy Pier!


I had not been to Navy Pier since our 8th grade trip in junior highschool (which ironically Zach was on too since we were in the same grade!) and it had been a rainy day on the last visit. Well not so this time! It was a BEAUTIFUL day out!


The water was gorgeous and we had a great view of the skyline.

IMG_5989 IMG_5998

We walked the length of the pier outside and then went to explore in the buildings. We went through a large stained glass exhibit…

IMG_6004 IMG_6007

Played around with funhouse mirrors…

IMG_6010 IMG_6011 IMG_6015

Walked around the Crystal Gardens…

IMG_6022 IMG_6031

Then rode the famous ferris wheel!

IMG_6040 IMG_6043 IMG_6051

The views from the ferris wheel were awesome and I was so glad to get to ride it since we didn’t get to last time. It reminded me of being on the skywheel back in Canada at Niagara Falls. 🙂

IMG_6055 IMG_6056 IMG_6059 IMG_6062


It truly was the perfect birthday trip, my favorite so far!! My husband is so incredibly sweet and thoughtful and romantic and goodness, I just could not have dreamed him up better if I tried! 🙂 Until next time Chicago!


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