4 Nov

I don’t even know where to begin… I still haven’t even finished my Chicago posts and now I have a million pictures/events from this past weekend to sort/edit/chronicle! I suppose on this post I will just update workouts and talk a little about the weekend, then I’ll write my last Chicago post later today then get up a Halloween party/Christine’s visit post tomorrow? Something like that. So on the workout front:

Friday- 30 minutes on the gazelle, ZWOW 9, then 30 minutes on the treadmill at the gym (1.75 miles, 155 calories). ZWOW 9 is one that I have done in the past and as soon as it started I remembered it because of one thing- santana pushups. Challenging! This ZWOW was an AMRAP for 10 minutes and you try to complete this circuit as many times as possible: santana pushups (10 reps), 3 pike plyo tuck (10 reps), crab toe touches (30 reps) and low jacks (20 reps). We ended up getting through a little over 2 and a half rounds and it was a great quickie workout!

Saturday- I went to the gym and did 40 minutes on the treadmill (2.6 miles, 229 calories) before heading down to Indy with Vicki to see Zach finish his race. While downtown I walked another 2+ miles. Then, even though it isn’t formal exercise and I wasn’t wearing my fitbit, I had to have burned a LOT of calories during the Halloween party when we had a huge dance party for a good hour at the end of the night! 🙂

Catching up on the life part- Friday was a hectic day of daycare and I was SO thankful when the workday ended. After the gym I spent the whole evening cleaning and Hillary came over to help me decorate. We hung spiderwebs all over the place and got out my plethora of Halloween decorations. It was a lot of work but turned out looking great! I also made my “graveyard dirt pudding” that I have now made for 4 years running. Zach and I turned in early since I was exhausted and he had a marathon in the morning. Thankfully he fell asleep quickly and slept all night, I on the other hand had a pretty terrible night’s sleep but surprisingly was not too tired come Saturday!

Saturday morning after the gym I went straight to Vicki’s and the two of us headed to downtown Indy. I was getting cell phone alerts when Zach hit certain mileage in the race (such a cool feature) so we had some time to kill before his finish. It was a beautiful day (a great day for running!) so we walked around Indy some taking pictures.

IMG_6096 IMG_6098

When the time got close to Zach’s projected finish we split up. Vicki stood on a sidewalk about .2 from the finish to catch a picture of Zach and then text me he was coming while I stood right by the finish line to catch his last moments!

IMG_6101 IMG_6106

It was so awesome watching him cross that line. I felt indescribable amounts of pride in him and his amazing accomplishment! His time was 4 hours and 38 minutes which isn’t terrible but he could definitely run it faster if he had more training under his belt. His goal for this race was not time or speed but rather just getting the distance in and finishing, now he wants to speed train for the next one!

IMG_6110 IMG_6117 IMG_6120

He looked pretty wiped out but overall was feeling great and was no worse for wear! He spent the rest of the day in the jacuzzi tub and napping to prep for the party. I ran around finishing last minute things and getting the house and food and then myself ready! I’ll write more about the party in an actual party post but I will say that it was a great time with a good turnout and we had a lot of people well into the next morning! It may have been my favorite Halloween party yet. 🙂

Sunday came and Zach and I went to church for a different type of Sunday than usual. We only sang a few songs and then we were all headed out in groups to do things around the community. Zach and I were in a labor group (along with Mom and Dad and a handful of others) and we went to a Habitats for Humanity house. We spent the next couple of hours doing landscaping- digging, tilling, planting, mulching, etc. The work was fun (and was my workout for the day!) and it was rewarding to see what we accomplished!

IMG_6424 IMG_6426 IMG_6427

Once I got home I spent the whole day with Christine having a “best friend day” that was a ton of fun and I will blog about that in it’s own post as well. The evening ended with Christine, Zach and I going out to dinner and watching a movie at home. I fell asleep literally less than 10 minutes in though…the weekend was catching up with me! Now it’s Monday and Christine leaves in the next couple of hours. We’ll have Bible study at our house tonight and then tomorrow afternoon Kori arrives! It’s been an amazing few days so far and I know the whole week ahead will be filled with more! I am going to be worn. out. by Saturday! 🙂

1,101 miles.


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