31 Oct

Saturday night in Chicago brought drinks, pictures, fun and my first experience at a Michelin star restaurant (they’ve been a recipient in 2011, 2012 and 2013)! Here’s the deal with a Michelin star- it is an extremely coveted rating that can go from 1 to 3 stars. As of 2012 there were only 12 restaurants that boasted 3 Michelin stars and there were only 103 with 1 star. The stars are based on food quality, mastery of technique, and not as much on atmosphere but you can almost always be guaranteed a great vibe as well. I am so pleased to say I’ve now been to a restaurant that boasts a star!!

After Zach and I got back from shopping on the Magnificent Mile we witnessed a gorgeous sunset from our room.


We also took a lot of pictures…

IMG_5901 IMG_5905

And had some delicious wine all the while

IMG_5911 IMG_5917 IMG_5923

After a solid hour and a half of playing the ipod over our amazing sound system, dancing around and jumping on the bed, it got dusky and we got ready for dinner.

IMG_5926 IMG_5936 IMG_5937 IMG_5941 IMG_5944


We headed to Boka where, despite having a reservation we had to wait a short bit in the lounge.



We weren’t bothered. We each ordered an incredible cocktail and the time passed quickly! (No, mine is not the pink one ;))


While we were being seated they apologized profusely over our wait (even though we didn’t care at all and it had only been 15 minutes!) and guess what? They comped our cocktails!! $24 worth of drinks, free! Boom! We were so excited about this, haha. We sat down at a cozy little table and ordered an appetizer which they split in half for us. The dish was amish chicken thigh confit, butternut squash risotto, matsutake mushrooms, maple-chicken jus, pepita chip:


Of course this was incredible. Especially the risotto! YUM! For dinner Zach ordered the chickpea panisse: cucumber yogurt, spicy crispy chickpeas, lobster mushrooms, ramps, mint, red pepper sauce.


Again, an incredibly beautiful and mouthwatering dish! Take note of the champagne in the left hand corner of Zach’s picture. After the appetizer they brought us EACH out a FREE glass of champagne for my birthday! We did not pay for a single drink we had at this place! So awesome. Also you see a roll on the right side of the picture, I had just half of one but with how incredible their herby butter was I could have eaten 3!

My dinner was Faroe Island salmon: sunchoke brandade, coffee-roasted pears, preserved lemon, braised and grilled fennel.


The dish in the right side of my picture is a side of “mac and cheese” with edamame.


I ate half of this plate and boxed the other half up, we were getting ridiculously stuffed! I had only eaten 1/2 a roll, my half of the tiny appetizer, half of this dish and half of the edamame mac but could not eat another bite!! It was all wonderful though. The edamame mac and cheese was really unique and one of my favorite parts!

We had went in with complete determination to order dessert and just found ourselves TOO full sadly. They did bring me out a tiny (I mean teeny) birthday dessert though!


This was a piece of dark chocolate with happy birthday written on it with two teensy tiny truffles and two teensy tiny raspberry gelees. They were awesome. We loved this place and I would highly recommend it to anyone!!!


We headed back to our room with intentions of perhaps going to our hotel bar but we were so worn out from the full day that we crashed! Chicago success. 🙂



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