30 Oct

Interspersed with my Chicago posts will be workout updates, I am hoping to maybe get another birthday weekend post written this afternoon though! Monday’s exercise was…nothing! My morning booty call was skipped due to tiredness and then I didn’t have time to go to the gym after work because between getting off at 5:30 and Bible study starting at 6:30 (at OUR house) I had to shower, get ready and do last minute cleaning. It was fun having a study with a whole new group of people and I am really hoping we all become as close as we did in our last one.

Tuesday I was 100% refreshed and back on my normal routine and celebrated with 30 minutes on the gazelle. Normal day of work followed by a Greenway walk with Mom. We’re going until it’s so cold and/or dark that we can’t go anymore! We walked for 27 minutes and then on the way home I had her drop me off where the sidewalk starts in my neighborhood and ran the rest of the way home. I really enjoyed that! It is just slightly over half a mile and it’s a nice little run to finish my workout. The total was 193 calories and 2.08 miles.

When I got home it was a soup for dinner kind of night for me but I let Campbells do the cooking. 😉 Zach had leftovers. You won’t really see many meals this week because I have so many leftovers to use up but I will have other fun things to write about. Like last night’s pumpkin carving! After we ate Zach and I put on the first Harry Potter and settled in with our large pumpkin, knives, a marker and plenty of newspaper. Zach carved out the top and we cleaned out the goop.

IMG_6068 IMG_6076

Zach was skeptical of my kitty cat carving abilities after I drew on a slightly skewed face…but ended up more than impressed when I was done! He actually tried carving out a whisker and couldn’t do it and gave it back to me declaring ME a better pumpkin carver than HIM! 🙂 (Though honestly I don’t think either of us is that great freehand…)

IMG_6078 IMG_6079

Oh. Does that one eye look a little messed up? Or like there isn’t enough light getting through? That’s because it’s a Pirate Jack pumpkin of course!! 🙂

1,083.5 miles. 68.5/200 running miles.


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