29 Oct

I’ve got to buckle down and start writing the birthday weekend posts! Believe it or not I am STILL editing photos but I am ready to write one up for Friday night. So Friday, as you were aware, we were heading out right after work. I spent the last bit of the day getting ready and the second my last daycare kid left we were ready to go!


It was a beautiful night for driving and as we headed into northwest Indiana I enjoyed the views without a clue as to where we were headed.

IMG_5760 IMG_5764


The sun set, it got darker, and still we continued on. Finally after going through yet another small town I’d never heard of we came upon a golf course practically in the middle of nowhere. At this golf course was a restaurant called Spire. Zach had actually found out about this restaurant in a special feature of last month’s “Indy Monthly” titled Dinners worth the Drive, or something like that. It was a farm to fork restaurant that was every bit as awesome as he had hoped it would be! To start we ordered a bottle of pinot grigio and they brought us this cute little table with 2 rolls, honey butter and pumpkin butter.



I only ate half of my roll but that was just to be conservative not because it wasn’t awesome! Our entrees that we ordered came with sides so Zach got the salad and I got the white bean chorizo soup and of course we shared them both.



That soup! Spicy and perfect on a fall night! Zach ordered the porcini crusted ribeye (mid-rare) with roasted potatoes and a balsamic reduction:



Ohhhh his meat was good! I picked out the braised short ribs with a potato-squash puree and braised cabbage:



While this was also very good I think I liked Zach’s entree better, mine had just a little too much fat for my preference. I ate half of this and boxed up the other half. Each table had a box with some fun dinner-enhancing elements:



A block of himalayan salt with grater, cracked black pepper and a rosemary plant with scissors for trimming! After our dinner we had just enough room left for a dessert.



BEST part of the dinner!! Salted caramel, apple bread pudding with housemade ice cream. Oh my. Every bite was mmm’ed and yummmm’ed over. The ice cream was perfect, the bread pudding was phenomenal but that salted caramel, that was the absolute shining star. So good. It literally almost makes me sad to look at the picture and know how far away this dessert is… It was a great meal to kick off an amazing weekend!



After dinner we continued driving another hour + until I started to see city lights. Lots and lots of lights. Based on the direction we’d been going and the look of the city I knew exactly what I was seeing- Chicago!!! My how I love Chi-town. We’ve visited a couple of times since we’ve been married but the last time was in the late fall of 2010 so it had been almost 3 years! Far too long. We headed into the city and up a bit to the north side until we reached our place for Friday night. Zach had booked us an apartment through Airbnb (the site I used to book almost all of our east coast vacation) and the decor was so fun!

IMG_5795 IMG_5797 IMG_5799

It was a really cute little place and we settled in and it wasn’t long before we fell asleep anticipating what the day in the city would bring on Saturday!



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