25 Oct

TODAY! Just 7 1/2 hours until I am off work and headed to surprise destinations! I really have no clue except I know we are staying somewhere different Friday and Saturday. I’m so excited!! So here’s a quick update for yesterday’s workouts: 30 minutes of gazelle in the morning, a tricep machine and 25 minutes on the treadmill at the gym. I ran 1 mile (faster then the last one, that’s progress!) then walked a bit, ran another 1/2 mile and then walked til the end (2.01 miles, 193 calories). My dentist appointment was great yesterday! I did NOT have any cavities or really even any problems! They did all of my x-rays and I did a bite test and other stuff. My dentist (who has been in practice for 23 years) said that I am the FIRST patient he has EVER had whose bite was exactly 50%/50% perfect. I am not making this up. He said he’s seen 49.something/49.something but never 50/50. My orthodontist did a good job. 🙂 I’m going to teeth brag for a minute here so just tune me out if it’s annoying: Both the dentist and more then one helper/assistant told me that I had a gorgeous smile and beautiful teeth. He said there was virtually nothing to fix, not even if he was being super picky; that he has almost never had someone come to him with teeth in such good condition. I can’t help but be proud because honestly, after not going to the dentist for 7+ years I was a little terrified of what we would find! I go back in January for a cleaning and some sealants and that’s it!

Besides the dentist and the gym here’s what I did yesterday: ate leftover samosas (YUM!), visited with my Grandma and Great-Grandma with my Mom, went to Ryan’s with friends for a scary movie night and hot tubbed with my husband.

Now I will pack and spend the rest of the day anxious for 5:30 to come!

1,080 miles. 68/200 running miles.


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