21 Oct

Saturday was such a fun, wonderful day. So was Sunday! I love the weekends 🙂 Saturday was very productive with cleaning, showering, blogging, menu planning and workouts but it still had plenty of downtime where Zach and I just got to relax and hang out. In the afternoon we watched some of our shows on Netflix, played several different games, took a 30+ minute walk (I didn’t FitBit it!) and discovered the fun of creating “vines” on his phone. 🙂 After a leisurely afternoon we got ready and were picked up by Mom and Dad and went to Indy. We found this fun new place called Latitude 39 and it had everything going for it!


This place has a cool restaurant, a bar, several bowling lanes, a game area, an upstairs pool hall, a theater to watch live shows (there was a comedy one on Saturday night but we didn’t go) and *coming very soon* the Cinegrill! The Cinegrill will be a movie theater that you can drink and eat dinner while you watch the movie in- can not wait for this to open! This stuff is all in the same building too, crazy! Our first order of business was to get dinner at the 360 Grill.


The atmosphere of this place was a very fun, modern vibe.


I ordered pork bbq tacos (an unusual choice for me) that were AMAZING! They had a tangy, shredded pork over coleslaw with onion strings and a sauce.



I only ate one of my tacos (Zach ate one also) and boxed the other one up. I also had about half of my chips and salsa and one piece of Zach’s buffalo chicken pizza (also good!).

I ordered a delicious margarita to go with my southwestern dinner.



After dinner we snagged a table in the Axis Bar right up by the stage to watch the Grave Stompers. They were a really fun band dressed and painted ghoulishly:


They played both “halloween-ish” songs and regular rock and they were pretty good and a great time to watch! We also found time to take pictures…

IMG_5595 IMG_5612


After a while of listening Zach and I wandered into the game area to try out some different arcade type games-

IMG_5604 IMG_5602


We had a blast even if we didn’t win all that many tickets and I kept unknowingly jumping on the jump rope game long after I had lost…haha! Oops. We really enjoyed this place and all agreed we want to head back there and bowl and definitely visit the cinema when it opens!


Sunday I was husband-less literally the entire day. He had soccer meetings in Indy alllll day (all the coaches in the state get together and vote on awards for their players) and then came home only to run off to a guy’s beer night. So here was my day- church, grocery shopping, ate my leftover taco from Latitude 39 (STILL amazing!) and then an absolutely perfect fall afternoon with Mom! It was a gorgeous day, not to mention peak weekend, so we decided to hit the Greenway for a long walk but we wanted some new scenery. We went south out of town and parked at a trailhead and set out.


Such beautiful weather and such pretty sights!

IMG_5630 IMG_5682

We found the teeniest, tiniest snake I have ever seen!!

IMG_5631 IMG_5632

Loved him. 🙂 We also passed under some cool trestles and over cool bridges.

IMG_5623 IMG_5624 IMG_5637

We came to the Prairie Creek Conservation area and veered off the Greenway to take the Conservation path. We saw a pretty lake in the distance but were unsure if the path led to it.


IMG_5643 IMG_5650

Turns out the paved path went nowhere near it BUT a beaten down grass trail through the wild plants led us right to it!


It was beautiful! We had a lot of fun taking pictures here, of course. 🙂

IMG_5667 IMG_5673 IMG_5677

We finished up the conservation trail at an interesting eagle platform…

IMG_5684 IMG_5686 IMG_5692

…then doubled back and eventually made it to the car. Our walk time was  minutes but of course a good chunk of that time was spent stopped taking photos which is why the distance was   miles and  calories. When we reached the car I had Mom change and I got behind the wheel to take her to a surprise! We wound through the country out in the middle of nowhere until we ended up at…

IMG_5696 IMG_5712

Wilson Winery! I had only been to this place once before with Zach and Vicki back in the spring. Mom had never been and we had such a fun tasting. We were the only people there and the owner just poured and poured and talked and talked. 🙂 He even got out a big binder of poetry he’d written and read us some! After tasting about everything and honestly enjoying about everything we got a bottle, poured ourselves glasses and explored the property.

IMG_5698 IMG_5704 IMG_5705 IMG_5713

We each only had one glass and corked the bottle up to take home for later. When we got home Mom made dinner for us (and Dad) and we had a great fall meal!

IMG_5725 IMG_5724

Shrimp salad over tomatoes, a creamy tomato basil soup and an apple tartlet. All delicious and wonderful! After dinner Mom and I played a round of bananagrams before I headed home to watch “Mad Men” until Zach got back. What a wonderful, October weekend. 🙂 I am even MORE excited now for the upcoming weekend ahead because it’s my surprise birthday weekend!!!! Now that soccer season is finally over Zach is taking me away this Friday night/Saturday/Sunday to a surprise destination to do whatever fun he has cooked up! Zach is so good with surprises and such a sweet, romantic husband that I know whatever he has planned will be nothing short of magical. 🙂 CAN’T WAIT!


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