19 Oct

Last night was our 2nd month of “family dinners” and I think they are going to stick! In both September and now October Ron & Vicki (Zach’s parents), Trent & Mary (Vicki’s brother and wife who are Zach and I’s age) + kids Noah (in my daycare) and Natalee, and Zach and I have all gotten together and contributed dishes. This month was at my house and Vicki didn’t have to contribute food because it was a birthday dinner for her! I had a cute little fall setup on the table. 🙂


Mary made some absolutely delicious potato soup and I made a Tomato Ricotta Tart. This was from a “Cooking Light” magazine but unfortunately I couldn’t find it to link up to! Ah well, I will detail it out.

First I combined these in my food processor: flour (exactly 5.6 ounces, it was very specific), pine nuts, kosher salt, baking powder and black pepper. I pulsed it until combined and then as the processor was on I slowly poured a mix of olive oil + ice water down the food chute until a crumbly mix was left.


I sprayed a glass pie pan with cooking spray, pressed the crust into the bottom and up the sides and then baked it for 10 minutes. While that cooked I mixed the following in a bowl: part-skim ricotta, an egg, garlic cloves, kosher salt, basil and some gruyere cheese. This went into the crust and got spread out.


Then the whole thing was topped with thin slices of tomato and a little bit more gruyere.


Baked for 25 minutes and it was beautiful!

IMG_5553 IMG_5554

This tasted great and came in at 225 calories a slice! Everyone seemed to really enjoy it 🙂


(My slice with soup and water) After dinner we surprised Vicki with an absolutely delicious carrot cake from Concannon’s.


I have never had their carrot cake before and while I am still obsessed with their chocolate with french buttercream this is a close second! It was sooo good! After dinner we sat around talking and talking lots of pictures of those cute little kids. 🙂

IMG_5555 IMG_5573 IMG_5574 IMG_5575

For Friday workouts I did 30 minutes on the gazelle in the morning, then when my half day began I headed to the Greenway. It was a cool but sunny day and I did 5.3 miles in 1hr 36 minutes (588 calories, walking the whole time). I came home and cleaned for the family dinner and did some other stuff around the house before heading to the gym. Did 10 minutes on a bike and 20 on the arc trainer for a total of 143 calories and 1.14 miles.

This morning I was up and heading to strength class after eating some less than tasty strawberries. We did 45 minutes with weights, a stability ball, a bosu ball and a body bar- lots of equipment today! I didn’t touch my 5lb weights once and did strictly 8 and 10lbs! Getting stronger. 🙂 After strength I was going to head out on the Greenway but it was such a nasty, wet morning that I hopped on a treadmill instead. I did 45 minutes of walking at a brisk pace for 261 calories and 2.89 miles.

1,061.5 miles.


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