18 Oct

Last night our Yorktown boys played Marion for the 3 year in a row in the first round of regionals. And for the third time we lost. Man! Regionals are just not our strong suit. It was a very well-played game though and the boys did their absolute best. I am still so proud of them for taking their 5th consecutive sectional title and proud of Zach for being such a great coach to those kids!

No pictures or really much news from this week so I’ll just include a few workout updates and be on with my Friday! On Wednesday I did my 30 minutes on the gazelle and went to spin class after work (75 minutes, 449 calories, 24.3 miles). We played a lot of halloween music which is always fun this time of year. 🙂 After spin I went straight to Mom and Dad’s house because Dad and I had a movie date! Whenever Dad has a movie in theaters he really wants to see he asks me to go with him. Mom can’t hear very well and stuff on the big screen makes her have motion sickness so I am always his date. 🙂 We saw “Gravity” and it was pretty good! It was especially tense and interesting for only having 1 character pretty much the whole film.

Thursday I did the gazelle, had a normal day of work and then Kathy came for the last half hour for me so that I could go to the gym before heading to the soccer game. I did 25 minutes on the treadmill- ran 1 mile and then walked the rest (2 miles, 202 calories). I ran the mile slightly faster than the last time…look who is running some again. 🙂 After the gym I headed right for the game and Brooke and Ev rode with me. Despite it being a pretty cold night we were bundled up warm and it wasn’t too bad in the bleachers. Watched the boys fight a good fight and then passed out at home with Pirate Jack snuggling me until Zach got home and took his place. 🙂

Now soccer season is officially over and I am really looking forward to having my husband back! Half day today with a family dinner on the radar, should be a good weekend!

1,051.5 miles. 65.5/200 running miles.


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