11 Oct

Wednesday: Typical workday with a typical morning workout. A very nice thing about this day is that dinner was hands off by 10am! I assembled a crockpot meal from my “Best of Country Slow Cooker” cookbook and it was one that literally sits the entire day so once I had thrown all the ingredients in there was nothing left to do but stir and serve 10 hours later. This recipe was my first time at making white chili. Those who know me know that not all that long ago I would never even choose a recipe like this due to one of the main ingredients- beans! Fortunately I have not only gotten over my aversion but am slowly beginning to love them. Here’s how the crockpot stacked up:

  • onions
  • garlic
  • water
  • chicken breasts
  • navy beans
  • a can of green chiles
  • cumin
  • oregano
  • salt
  • cayenne pepper
  • ground cloves
  • a chicken bouillon cube

It literally went in in that order and the recipe said not even to stir it so I just left it sitting there smelling wonderful all day long. I got done with work by 5pm (early for me!) so instead of waiting around to go to spin I just set out in my neighborhood, book in hand, for a nice long walk. One hour and 5 minutes later (3.53 miles, 310 calories) I got back home and  dished myself up some white chicken chili!


It said to top with sour cream and cheese. Of course I used FAGE instead of sour cream and I skipped the cheese altogether- no need!


This was really, really good! I added a little more salt and I would add more green chiles next time but overall a fantastic fall soup.


By the time I had finished Mom was here picking me up and we headed out to the soccer game.


The boys played a team that we had never played in regular season and we were really nervous about how it would go. It was tense for a bit but then we turned into scoring machines and won the game 6-0!! Enjoyed the game with my family and my in-law family!


Boys advanced to the sectional championship game come Saturday!

Thursday: I had a ROUGH night’s sleep on Wednesday. I was up all night long having stomach trouble and come Thursday I was utterly exhausted. No booty call but I did manage a 44 minute walk with Mom after work (2.42 miles, 244 calories). After the walk we headed out to the soccer field once again (for my 4th night in a row out there!) to watch the girls team play.


(I can’t help myself with all the sunset pictures at each game, we’ve just had such a gorgeous week for soccer!) We played a team that we had beat handily during regular season and so we weren’t really too nervous for this game. There was no reason to be since we ended up pulling this one out 9-0! Now both the girls and guys are in the sectional championship games!! Saturday is going to be a nervewracking day… I came home and crashed shortly after 9 and that brings us to…

Friday! This morning I was much more rested and got my 30 minutes on the gazelle no problem! I am really looking forward to tonight, we have some fun plans with friends. Due to these plans I am not going to have very long at the gym after work but I am hoping to squeeze in whatever I can as well as getting some more gazelle time in this afternoon. Here’s to another weekend! 🙂

1,026.5 miles.


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