7 Oct

Birthday dinner amazingness. That’s what I had Friday night. 🙂 But first, the workouts. When Kathy showed up to work for me I headed to the Greenway and did my usual 5.3 mile route in 1 hr. 14 minutes (525 calories)! This is the fastest I have ever done it on my own (without Zach’s motivation & pushing) and it felt amazing!

I came home and showered, planned a menu for next week (some good looking dishes coming up!) and relaxed a bit before heading to the gym for just a little bit more working out. I did just 25 easy walking minutes on the treadmill (1.7 miles, 121 calories). I was extremely excited to find a new low on the scale! Down to the lowest I have been since I got home from Hawaii!! I know, a long time ago. It’s not quite Hawaii weight yet but I am getting closer and closer and was totally ecstatic to have a new low.

When I got home I got ready quickly and Zach did the same and then my parents showed up and we discovered that completely by coincidence we were all matching!


Haha you know what they say about great minds…

We headed down to Indy to a place that I have been wanting to try for a very long time- Oakley’s Bistro. This is one always recommended in “Indy Monthly” and it has also been featured in national magazines. Lots of good talk about this place always makes me want to go there and I’m so glad I finally did!


The atmosphere here was great and the menu looked incredible. We ordered a bottle of a pink sparkling moscato shared between the four of us:


Mom and Zach both had part of their meals come out first. Mom had 6 Bacon Wrapped Apricots: tequila soaked apricots, hickory smoked bacon, jalapeno kumquat honey glaze:


I had one of these and it was AWESOME!

Zach had a little plate of two small “lobster bahn mi sliders” and I had half of one:


I don’t have the details for the sliders since it was a special (all of his dinner was on special due to an event called Northside Nights where you could get an appetizer + entree + dessert for $30) but it was also incredibly good!

Then came the dinners! Mom had some kind of cool salad and Dad has a hand-made fettucine with meatballs and crushed tomato sauce:


Zach’s dinner was some type of pork paella with shrimp over rice and I got the Chicken n’ Hushpuppies: lemon tarragon curd glazed, leek crab hushpuppies, crispy pork belly, eggplant puree, toasted garlic creme fraiche, sunny side egg.

IMG_5345 IMG_5346

All of our food was very delicious! I tried bites of Dad’s and Zach’s as well as sharing mine. I was getting full and boxed up half my chicken but loved what I ate! Zach got a vanilla creme brûlée with his meal, Mom got a “pecan pie”: pecan custard, bourbon vanilla sauce, chocolate sauce, bourbon molasses ice cream, bourbon marshmallow, candied pecans and Dad and I got “s’mores cheesecake”: vanilla cheesecake, toasted marshmallow fluff, honey graham cracker ice cream, waffle cone tuile, graham cracker streusel.

IMG_5347 IMG_5348

These desserts had the most beautiful presentation!! I put Mom and I’s desserts in ” ” because they are a play on words. They are deconstructed versions of the actual name and are so creative. Bites of all the desserts were shared around and I think the s’mores one was the best. 🙂 They even put a candle in it for my birthday! We left very satisfied and pleased with yet another good Indianapolis restaurant!


Zach and I came home and had a little dance party and then watched Netflix before drifting off to dreamland…


I always like getting good sleep on Fridays because I wake up Saturday for strength training! Ate a pear and then went and did 45 minutes and started incorporating 10lb. weights this time, already starting to feel stronger. 🙂 I wanted to hit the Greenway for cardio after but it was an extremely rainy morning so I stayed in on the treadmill instead. I did 35 minutes of walking (2.01 miles, 178 calories) and then headed home to get ready for the day. The rest of Saturday warrants a new post!

1,013 miles.


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